Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Hoarders Next Door

I haven’t watched this series of documentaries on Channel 4 but today I want to discuss hoarding. You might be asking, How did this topic come to mind? Well I am currently moving out of my uni house and back to Essex for summer and have an exhausting amount to pack! While going through my things and deciding what can come with me and what can be left for the dustbin men, a realisation crept up on me. I must admit that I am a hoarder.

The TV program looks at some incredibly extreme cases so please don’t expect my room to be stacked high with old magazines or my bed swamped with teddy bears (there are only three…).  There are a few useless things that for some reason I find difficult to throw away. Warning: This is highly illogical so if you cannot comprehend this, I apologise. 

I have a ridiculous amount of underwear. Things that don't fit me anymore, socks with holes in, odd socks, useless underwear that probably deserves to go into the bin. It's not like I even need any of it, my underwear drawer is stuffed full! I do need to have a clear out but I always think: what if the other sock returns one day? and what if I run out of underwear, forgot to put a wash on and need these old ones? 
Okay, I admit that's pretty bad - I'll try my hardest to throw all those old bits and bobs away in summer. Maybe I'm a bit too lazy.

Perfume Bottles
I also have at least a dozen perfume bottles on top of my dresser. Most of them are empty but they are too pretty to chuck away! They take up quite a bit of room and are a hassle if I ever try to do some dusting (on that extremely rare day I want to clean). This is the least useless out of my useless items as they are very decorative. The variety of shapes, sizes and colours mean I like each one for a different reason.
If you can think of a practical use for them, please let me know! Otherwise I will probably force myself to dispose of them soon enough...

Make up
My final hoarding item is make up. I know people that have tons more than I do but as my bedroom in the family home is currently being turned into a kitchen, I no longer have the space I used to. From many shopping trips and presents, I have gathered a large collections of eye shadows, mascaras, bronzers, foundations, nail varnishes, lip glosses and all sorts. Some have yet to be opened while others were finished years ago. Since most make up has a use by date (usually 6 or 12 months), I really should throw out a lot of stuff. I hardily ever wear eye shadows but I keep them  just in case!

Are there any items you collect or keep that  take up space or are completely unnecessary? Are you a bigger hoarder than I am?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summer's Coming

With exams coming to an end this week (for me at least, apologies if you’re still suffering), I want to take this opportunity to write about the Top 5 things I want to do this summer! Some of these things are already planned and definitely happening whereas others are targets I want to achieve. I could easily spend the next 3 months doing next to nothing but when someone asks, How was your summer? I would love to say it was a memorable one! Think of this as ‘Half-way through the year’s resolutions’.

  1. Going on Holiday with my boyfriend. This is all planned and soon to be all packed (once I've finished the big holiday shop!). In the middle of June, we are off on an all-inclusive holiday to Fuerteventura for a fortnight. Excitement is an understatement because I am certain this will be the highlight of my summer 2013! Do you think the lead up to the holiday is just as good as the actual time in the sun or is it just me? I love shopping for holidays – from bikinis to sun-tan lotion; I am extremely organised when it comes to this fine art. 
  2. Take lots of photos. This is inspired by my previous point. I have the memory of a sieve at the best of times so for me, photos help reassemble the precious moments in my mind. I need to buy a new camera because I have been relying on my iPhone for the past year. Before I drunkenly broke my last camera (twice), I used to take so many and still enjoy looking photos of me and my house mates on nights out (if we manage to make it out!). Owning a camera will hopefully entice me to go on more adventures! That’s the plan anyway…
    Hungry Hippo Birthday Cake made by Alice
  3. Go to a theme park. Speaking of adventures, I have not been to a theme park in years. Before I turn 21 in October and become a ‘real adult’, I want to be able to account for the last time I went to a theme park as a young’un.  I've never been scared of those mechanical menaces but time has gone past and I'm quite anxious to see how I react to them. They have gotten bigger, faster and twistier… Oh dear, what am I letting myself in for?
  4. Pursue a hobby in sewing. Over Easter I got together for a close friend to discuss ideas of starting our own little business. We all have that one friend, who is the creative one, don’t we? Well this is Alice. She cooks delicious meals and bakes such delicate and artistic cakes, can paint like no one else I know and has a knack for sewing. As for me, I have a B in GSCE textiles and in art but that’s as far as my achievements go. Together, we plan on making a variety of homely decoratives such as cushions and doorstops. This little creative adventure is all about having fun and getting back into sewing, if we earn a bit of pocket money it would be a small bonus!
    Winter Wedding Creation made by Alice
  5. Blogging. My final aim is to publish a post at least once a week (apart from when I’m on holiday) and get more involved in the blogging community. So far I have found many interesting blogs that I now follow and look forward to reading. A list of my favourite blogs called Ones to Read is situated to the right of my posts. I think of blogging as a new hobby/passion and want to nurture this one! I plan on going out and doing all sorts of random things to inspire me to write more interesting things.

Hopefully we will have a very sunny summer (we deserve it!) and I hope you enjoy it! Whether you want to relax in the sun doing nothing, go travelling or have to work I hope you get a chance to do whatever you want to do. I would love to hear if you have a list of things to do this summer. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Google It

Isn't it just typical that the moment you want to find out something there is no Internet.  In a time that being connected to the World Wide Web is just a click away, there is a cloud of frustration slowing suffocating us when the ease of modern day life is no more.

Okay, so I might be slightly exaggerating our need to be online constantly, but I often come up with the most random questions and ideas on the rare occasion that the Internet is out of reach.  For example, I was on the train to visit my boyfriend and his family this week after my exam (which went well) and an odd, yet relevant thought came to mind. How do you pass an exam with flying colours? And more importantly Where can you buy flying colours to pass your exams with?

This isn't the first time I have had no signal on my phone with the cloak of curiosity sat on my shoulders. On the notes of my iPhone, I have a list. This is not just any list. Not a shopping list, a wish list or a to-do list. This is a Find Out list. Being the curious cat that I apparently am (I'm more of a dog-lover if you were wondering) I have this list for the numerous moments that I come up with bizarre questions that cannot be answered at that given time. You might say, “why not ask a friend?” Firstly that didn't always help on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and secondly a lot of the time, they are really stupid questions. My boyfriend has had the fortune to see the Find Out list and I'm quite sure his opinion of me has dropped so dramatically it wanted to use my cloak of curiosity for its final act.

This is why the phrase Google it was invented. Google won’t judge us! Well it is does, it’s very discreet and laughs a lot quieter than my boyfriend does. With so much information at the tip of our fingers, it is possible to get ridiculous questions answered once and for all! Unfortunately flying colours don’t exist. It is just a saying to do with ships' flags (…gutted). Lets not end this post on a down note. Instead lets leave it with my Find Out note! I hope my thoughts provoke your cat like curiosity and your list is just as random.

Please let me know if anyone else has a Find Out list – I would love to hear the questions that pop into your mind! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Memory Games known as EXAMS

You could call this procrastination and you would be correct. I have an exam tomorrow morning so revising now would be pointless. This time of year can be so stressful for many students. From secondary school to university – exams are a horrible and stressful device that teachers use to torture us. They say they are used to prove how much we have learnt but they lie!

Exams are just memory games. They might as well have a conveyor belt of random items for us to memorise. A banana, a teddy bear, a cowboy hat, 1st of September 1939… 

These game show like antics do come with prizes but even the worth of these prizes are now questionable. Without high enough marks, our degrees might not help us as much as they should when we attempt to get jobs. 

Basically, I am not a fan of exams. I don’t think they are a good reflection on how good we are as students and revision is boring. Fortunately I have a good memory and great revision techniques that make exams less stressful. If they are going to assess us in this manner, we might as well try to win (or pass). 

Give me coursework any day! Rant over, I would apologise but I think my view is valid.

Good luck to everyone facing exams. Remember that summer is waiting for us on the other side of the exam room!