Sunday, 30 June 2013

I'm back!

Hola! (I’m practically fluent now…)

Tom & I after a special meal
Wednesday afternoon I arrived back in not so sunny England after an epic two weeks in Fuerteventura. Great weather, great company & great food (so much food)!! Thought I’d write a little post to let you know I am back and have muchos to share with you.

My iPhone hates me and is currently breaking slowly and painfully- so taking photos on that turned out to be impossible. Fortunately Tom’s iPhone was shiny and relatively new so we took as many photos as was deemed socially acceptable. This may sound stupid (because it is) but I find it so awkward asking strangers to take a photo for us. Even though I'll happily take a photo for anyone and do my best to make it worthy of some artistic achievement, we didn't want to bother our fellow tourists or the locals. We did our best considering…

Over the next week I shall be sharing with you many of these photos. I am going to write a post about the Hotel that we stayed in (that I have such high opinions of) and about my favourite day of the entire holiday – our trip to Oasis Park -an awesome zoo that made me realise I'm even more of an animal lover than I previously thought!

We love Meerkats!

I have missed so much in the past two weeks so please send me a link to one or a few of your posts that you think I’d enjoy as a re-emerge myself back into reality- Internet reality? 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Why did I start blogging?

I am currently in sunny Fuerteventura probably on a sun-lounger reading a book that I may end up recommending to everyone. Sorry if you’re currently at work, in the rain or wishing you were on holiday, I didn't mean to rub it in!  This was written just before leaving good ol’ England and I scheduled it to post (the magic of blogger) while I was away listening to the relaxing sounds of the ocean. Wow, I am technically speaking to you from the past… Now, where is my TARDIS? 

Way back in the summer of 2011

A couple of friends and relatives have asked me, Why did you start blogging? It was a good question but has a few different answers so I thought I’d try sum it up right now (a week ago, but you know…).  There have been a few occasions over the years where I looked into starting a blog. I was never 100% what I would write about, if I would stick with it or how much I wanted to do it. Looking back, I'm pleased I didn't start any earlier. I am now 20, aware of who I am and what I want. I have always had too much to say so this was a natural progression for me. Blogging was always meant to be the way for me to vent out my thoughts and opinions (no matter how ridiculous) without bugging my friends or my boyfriend pulling the ‘are you being serious’ face.

I knew it was time to start blogging. It was coming to the end of exams and the many days of hard work that I had put in made me think: I like setting myself goals and achieving them. I've always been one to have lists coming out of my ears; I just love being organised (evidently shown through my scheduled posts). By starting during the summer months, I have time to find my feet in the blogging world, spend time getting to know fellow bloggers and enjoy this new hobby. I'm pleased I can share my nonsense on the World Wide Web; hopefully there are others out there that are just as mental so we can relate to each other. The text/photo ratio is all wrong here so here are some photos from this year at Uni:

Issy gave me a makeover/Me, SarahBackpack & Issy/ Tom- my gorgeous boyfriend

I love this whole new world I've found. I feel like an explorer (of the Internet variety), who has come up trumps! I have already had the pleasure of hearing others stories, learning about other places, people, foods, fashion and all sorts. It’s been such a rewarding way to spend my free time. Now that I have this new found passion, my love for writing can continue and those special memories will never be forgotten.

I hope you are having a lovely week! I will write again at the end of June, hopefully all tanned and relaxed. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Adios Amigos!


Tomorrow morning I am off to the sunny Canary Islands - Fuerteventura to be precise! Everything is packed and the kindle is on charge. Please tell me it isn't just me that panics they have forgotten something so painstakingly obvious? I write list after list of things to remember to take - Stop Panicking! I will be away for a whole fortnight. Fear not, I have scheduled a post in the middle of my excursion by using some form of witchcraft created by blogger.

Today I want to tell you a few Spanish phrases that I hope to memorise and should come in handy:

Lovely Weather - Buen Tiempo  
Being British, I love talking about the weather. It's something we do on a daily basis, fully knowing that the person on the other end of the conversation can see the weather for themselves.

Would you like a kiss? - Quieres un Beso?
My lovely friend Kat has been learning Spanish for many a year and there is a phrase she taught me that stuck. This will only be useful to say to Tom and he can't speak Spanish - okay, this isn't very useful but it's romantic to speak another language non?

How much? - Cuanto esta?
The last phrase I want to share with you relates to shopping. I love buying souvenirs, especially things I can wear.  All the different styles and prints call out to me as I walk past - or the heat might be getting to me. Either way, I think this phrase will be used a few times and hopefully I'll understand the answer!!

I will have lots of photos and adventures to post about when I'm back! I look forward to getting back into the blogging community at the end of June. 

Adios Amigos!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Second Year at University

The past year has flown by and I managed to keep on the roller-coaster that is University. This academic year I lived with some very special people, who I see as family. We lived in a 9 bedroom house in Portsmouth and had a house party or two in our rave-tastic basement. Here is a school photo of us in the living room as well as some of my favourite photos of the past 9 months! 

School photo/Carnages with the Girls & Boys/With Tom/With Issy & Luke

There were many ups and a few downs when living with this many people. On the good side, there was always someone to talk to, always another person procrastinating and always someone wanting to go out. The bad side was the mess. There would always be washing up to be done – it almost made no sense! It’s like the cleaning fairy didn't bother turning up (how rude). That’s one thing I won’t miss. Oh, and how paper-thin the walls and ceilings were! However there are a ton of things I will miss about this enormous house of ours. My crazy house mates were always up to something random and I wish after exams we could have had more time to enjoy each other’s company like when we were freshers. I have lots of lovely memories to take with me (but not from nights out, that part seems to be a bit fuzzy).

I will miss:

  • Random outbursts of singing around the house & the karaoke sessions I had with Sarah & Issy
  • The relief to find someone else who also needed to do Asda
  • Going out for food because the kitchen was too much of a mess or because cooking was too much effort
  • Walking into someone else's room to do nothing together
  • Pre-drinks, the quick progression from sober to hammered
  • My room - it was my cosy haven with sloped ceilings and a wall covered with photos!

Carnages, Birthdays, Random nights out & in

Basically, I love the life I lead at university. I'm so lucky to have gotten to know the people I've met; my house mates, my course friends and of course without university I would not have met my gorgeous boyfriend! A big part of this lifestyle is the academic side and fortunately I love my course. European Studies & International Relations is so interesting and so far feels like it was made for me! The work is more like fun than a chore. If it wasn't for 9am starts I would probably have perfect attendance (keep dreaming!). 

Roll on round 3!!

Thursday, 6 June 2013


I am loving June 2013 – the sun’s been shining (so far) and my holiday to Fuerteventura is set to be a memory that I'll cherish forever. I have spent the majority of my time in the garden looking after injured Ralph and admiring summer’s take on nature. While lounging around in the sun, I took a few photographs…
The sunny Essex countryside

The top-left photo is the view from my garden (can you spot the cows in the distance?) and the other three are attempts of artisticness in the garden. And yes, there is a plastic play house in one of the photos. And no, it's not mine.

A newly found obsession of mine is Picmonkey. It is a free picture editor and collage maker that is so easy to get the hang of. I used it to make my blog header, the photograph of me and blog description. Since I am twiddling my thumbs until my holiday next Wednesday, I wanted to spend my evening playing around with PicMonkey and created the collage above. I'm not the most artistic of them all as a magic mirror would probably tell me but I like to try! 

Does anyone else use PicMonkey or know of any similar sites? I hope the weather is lovely for you and you are able to enjoy it! 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise

I am a very lazy person when it comes to keeping to a routine but my mum has always told me the about the importance of a beauty regime every morning and every evening. Being a student, a ‘normal’ routine can be difficult to keep. The morning part doesn't always happen until midday and the evening one might not happen at all - especially if I stumble home drunk and pass out just after taking off my heels!

My mum said she has kept up with a good routine since her teenage years and if you ask me, it shows! Unless you want to go down the Botox, plastic emotionless face route, it is essential to give your skin some TLC.

At university, I usually just use face wipes, toner and moisturiser. On girls nights in we sometimes use fruity face masks! Now that I am home for summer I've been taking advantage of certain luxuries. My mum’s Liz Earle products are great, their cleanser, toner and face masks make my skin feel amazing! I know why she swears by them! Sadly they are a bit over a student budget. At just under £15 for a bottle of their Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, not everyone can afford such luxuries!

Nivea Cleansing Wipes & Soft Moisturiser/Simple Toning Cleanser/Liz Earle Toner & Cleanser

This week I asked a fellow blogger about her favourite skin care products and how important a beauty regime was for her.

I spoke to Lisette, a student whose lifestyle blog is a favourite of mine! Lisette from LisetteLoves, exclaims that, “you only get one face, I might as well look after it!” She believes it is worth paying a bit more to get the results and I agree. With various offers and online deals, it is possible to look for products from a higher price range.  Lisette uses Origins Make a difference: rejuvenating skin treatment for her daytime moisturiser and their drink up intensive moisture masks for those days when a bit more is needed. Origins products are slightly on the expensive side but “smell AMAZING!” For dry lips, her must-have item is Nuxe rev de miel lip balm and her day and night cleansing balm is Emma Harding Amazing Face which she states, “smells and feels amazing, plus a little bit goes a long way”. Lisette owns two different serums, a hydraluron serum to help hydrate before her morning moisturiser and Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum to help reduce blemishes.  After hearing about Lisette's range of skincare products, I realised want to spend more time looking after my skin and find out what my skin needs!

I want to thank Lisette for helping me with my mission – check out her blog because she is awesome. In the not so distant future I will do a home-made face mask post (warning: this may involve a photo or two of me looking like a monster). If you have any recommendations for your favourite skincare range/product, please get in touch! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pets at Home

Now that I am back in Essex I have had time to work out what I really want this blog to be! I've changed the design and going to enjoy developing it over time (I love a good project).

Today I wanted to talk about two things I was very eager to get back to. Let me introduce Ralph the 6 month old Golden Doodle and Alvin the 6 month old Syrian Hamster. They are very much a part of the family and bring us all so much happiness! Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have already heard lots about my furry friends but here is a little summary.
Best Friends!

Alvin is the brains of the duo. He loves his adventures in his ball or crawling around us when we hold him. Before he comes out to play, he does his routine clean and exercise, which consists of hanging from the ceiling of his cage – I guess that makes him the brawn too.

They see me rollin'
What a cutie!
Ralph is so adorable and the loyalist companion you could imagine. He is hilarious to watch due to his dopiness - he isn't the brightest star in the sky. This became even more evident when I can home to an injured pup! My poor baby has broken his leg last weekend… My little brother’s bike was lying on the floor and Ralph forgot to stop running when he got to it. He managed to catch his leg in the chain and break it in two places. Not only does he have a cast, part of his other leg was shaven so he looks like a right wally! I only found out on my journey home and it broke my heart to think of the pain he has been in. He loves to cuddle so I've spent most my time in the living room with him on my lap.

Poor Ralphie in his stylish zebra print cast!
He could pass for a pirate if he had an eye-patch!

It'll take quite a while to heal so no dog-walks for a while, which is something we were all looking forward to. Alvin has been checking up on Ralph a lot – they are the fluffy duo!  On the bright side, it could have been a lot worse and he is still his smiley dopey self!

Or is Alvin teasing him?
Alvin to the rescue!