Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise

I am a very lazy person when it comes to keeping to a routine but my mum has always told me the about the importance of a beauty regime every morning and every evening. Being a student, a ‘normal’ routine can be difficult to keep. The morning part doesn't always happen until midday and the evening one might not happen at all - especially if I stumble home drunk and pass out just after taking off my heels!

My mum said she has kept up with a good routine since her teenage years and if you ask me, it shows! Unless you want to go down the Botox, plastic emotionless face route, it is essential to give your skin some TLC.

At university, I usually just use face wipes, toner and moisturiser. On girls nights in we sometimes use fruity face masks! Now that I am home for summer I've been taking advantage of certain luxuries. My mum’s Liz Earle products are great, their cleanser, toner and face masks make my skin feel amazing! I know why she swears by them! Sadly they are a bit over a student budget. At just under £15 for a bottle of their Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, not everyone can afford such luxuries!

Nivea Cleansing Wipes & Soft Moisturiser/Simple Toning Cleanser/Liz Earle Toner & Cleanser

This week I asked a fellow blogger about her favourite skin care products and how important a beauty regime was for her.

I spoke to Lisette, a student whose lifestyle blog is a favourite of mine! Lisette from LisetteLoves, exclaims that, “you only get one face, I might as well look after it!” She believes it is worth paying a bit more to get the results and I agree. With various offers and online deals, it is possible to look for products from a higher price range.  Lisette uses Origins Make a difference: rejuvenating skin treatment for her daytime moisturiser and their drink up intensive moisture masks for those days when a bit more is needed. Origins products are slightly on the expensive side but “smell AMAZING!” For dry lips, her must-have item is Nuxe rev de miel lip balm and her day and night cleansing balm is Emma Harding Amazing Face which she states, “smells and feels amazing, plus a little bit goes a long way”. Lisette owns two different serums, a hydraluron serum to help hydrate before her morning moisturiser and Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum to help reduce blemishes.  After hearing about Lisette's range of skincare products, I realised want to spend more time looking after my skin and find out what my skin needs!

I want to thank Lisette for helping me with my mission – check out her blog because she is awesome. In the not so distant future I will do a home-made face mask post (warning: this may involve a photo or two of me looking like a monster). If you have any recommendations for your favourite skincare range/product, please get in touch! 


Kayspray said...

I agree that it is worth a little bit extra to keep your face nice. I'm bad about not having a daily facial routine and certainly need to get better at it.

Checking you out from SITS.
Jessica at All She Cooks.

Kayspray said...

I'm really lazy about my night time routine. I mean really lazy. I should get some of those face wipes. That seems like it would be pretty easy.

Visiting from SITS.

Kayspray said...

I am SO bad for not having a skincare routine, I find I'm either in a rush in the morning or too tired at night! I definitely need to invest time and money into one though. Like you said, it really is important to keep your skin lovely in the future. Great post and you've got a new Bloglovin' follower from me. :)

Heather xx

Kayspray said...

Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Now following you too - Look forward to reading your posts! xx