Sunday, 30 June 2013

I'm back!

Hola! (I’m practically fluent now…)

Tom & I after a special meal
Wednesday afternoon I arrived back in not so sunny England after an epic two weeks in Fuerteventura. Great weather, great company & great food (so much food)!! Thought I’d write a little post to let you know I am back and have muchos to share with you.

My iPhone hates me and is currently breaking slowly and painfully- so taking photos on that turned out to be impossible. Fortunately Tom’s iPhone was shiny and relatively new so we took as many photos as was deemed socially acceptable. This may sound stupid (because it is) but I find it so awkward asking strangers to take a photo for us. Even though I'll happily take a photo for anyone and do my best to make it worthy of some artistic achievement, we didn't want to bother our fellow tourists or the locals. We did our best considering…

Over the next week I shall be sharing with you many of these photos. I am going to write a post about the Hotel that we stayed in (that I have such high opinions of) and about my favourite day of the entire holiday – our trip to Oasis Park -an awesome zoo that made me realise I'm even more of an animal lover than I previously thought!

We love Meerkats!

I have missed so much in the past two weeks so please send me a link to one or a few of your posts that you think I’d enjoy as a re-emerge myself back into reality- Internet reality? 

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