Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Second Year at University

The past year has flown by and I managed to keep on the roller-coaster that is University. This academic year I lived with some very special people, who I see as family. We lived in a 9 bedroom house in Portsmouth and had a house party or two in our rave-tastic basement. Here is a school photo of us in the living room as well as some of my favourite photos of the past 9 months! 

School photo/Carnages with the Girls & Boys/With Tom/With Issy & Luke

There were many ups and a few downs when living with this many people. On the good side, there was always someone to talk to, always another person procrastinating and always someone wanting to go out. The bad side was the mess. There would always be washing up to be done – it almost made no sense! It’s like the cleaning fairy didn't bother turning up (how rude). That’s one thing I won’t miss. Oh, and how paper-thin the walls and ceilings were! However there are a ton of things I will miss about this enormous house of ours. My crazy house mates were always up to something random and I wish after exams we could have had more time to enjoy each other’s company like when we were freshers. I have lots of lovely memories to take with me (but not from nights out, that part seems to be a bit fuzzy).

I will miss:

  • Random outbursts of singing around the house & the karaoke sessions I had with Sarah & Issy
  • The relief to find someone else who also needed to do Asda
  • Going out for food because the kitchen was too much of a mess or because cooking was too much effort
  • Walking into someone else's room to do nothing together
  • Pre-drinks, the quick progression from sober to hammered
  • My room - it was my cosy haven with sloped ceilings and a wall covered with photos!

Carnages, Birthdays, Random nights out & in

Basically, I love the life I lead at university. I'm so lucky to have gotten to know the people I've met; my house mates, my course friends and of course without university I would not have met my gorgeous boyfriend! A big part of this lifestyle is the academic side and fortunately I love my course. European Studies & International Relations is so interesting and so far feels like it was made for me! The work is more like fun than a chore. If it wasn't for 9am starts I would probably have perfect attendance (keep dreaming!). 

Roll on round 3!!

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Kayspray said...

Ahh you are making me miss university SOOO much! How fun!