Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pets at Home

Now that I am back in Essex I have had time to work out what I really want this blog to be! I've changed the design and going to enjoy developing it over time (I love a good project).

Today I wanted to talk about two things I was very eager to get back to. Let me introduce Ralph the 6 month old Golden Doodle and Alvin the 6 month old Syrian Hamster. They are very much a part of the family and bring us all so much happiness! Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have already heard lots about my furry friends but here is a little summary.
Best Friends!

Alvin is the brains of the duo. He loves his adventures in his ball or crawling around us when we hold him. Before he comes out to play, he does his routine clean and exercise, which consists of hanging from the ceiling of his cage – I guess that makes him the brawn too.

They see me rollin'
What a cutie!
Ralph is so adorable and the loyalist companion you could imagine. He is hilarious to watch due to his dopiness - he isn't the brightest star in the sky. This became even more evident when I can home to an injured pup! My poor baby has broken his leg last weekend… My little brother’s bike was lying on the floor and Ralph forgot to stop running when he got to it. He managed to catch his leg in the chain and break it in two places. Not only does he have a cast, part of his other leg was shaven so he looks like a right wally! I only found out on my journey home and it broke my heart to think of the pain he has been in. He loves to cuddle so I've spent most my time in the living room with him on my lap.

Poor Ralphie in his stylish zebra print cast!
He could pass for a pirate if he had an eye-patch!

It'll take quite a while to heal so no dog-walks for a while, which is something we were all looking forward to. Alvin has been checking up on Ralph a lot – they are the fluffy duo!  On the bright side, it could have been a lot worse and he is still his smiley dopey self!

Or is Alvin teasing him?
Alvin to the rescue!


Kayspray said...

Omgoodness! They are ADORABLE! I love that they are friends!

Kayspray said...

They are my little fluffy babies :) Thanks for commenting Jane! xx