Thursday, 11 July 2013

Blogger Birthdays

Happy Thursday Bloggers - I hope you are indeed happy and well. This is a short, random post about a blog I just happened to stumble upon! Since a big part of blogging is getting to know others and exploring the many corners of the blogging community, here is a great way to do so:

Being a friendly, supportive community that us bloggers are, Blogger Birthdays allows us to wish each other happiness on our special day. Loads of interesting sites are already a part of this- I've just spent the past hour visiting many a blog so come join the fun! 

My 21st Birthday isn't until the 4th October (in case you were wondering) ;) x


Kayspray said...

This site sounds like such fun. Must check it out.

Kayspray said...

Hope you find as many interesting sites as I did xx