Thursday, 25 July 2013

Fashionable Week - Day 4

It is the middle of day 4 of Fashionable Week and what a great day it is so far. I have been looking after my 8 year old brother James today. We started the day with a bit of a photo shoot for this post and Ralph decided to get involved! 

Necklace: New Look (I think)

This morning we went bowling and to no surprise, I was pretty terrible. We drew the first game and James beat me by 6 points in the second (oh the shame...). I wore the shoes I got on sale yesterday in Stratford and being the prepared person I am, I did remember to take socks. So for this pre-bowling photo-shoot I wanted to show the shoes properly. I think I managed to do that so thank you James for helping me!!

Shirt: Primark / Jeggins: Primark / Shoes: New Look

Once mum is back from work, I am off to see my friend Monica and whoever else is around. Can't wait to show off my new shoes that I've already tried driving in (successfully, may I add). What are your plans today and are you into bright colours with summer? 


Kayspray said...

Like your outfit today, especially the blouse. And your dog looks so cute!

Carro @


Kayspray said...

Thanks - I also have that blouse in peach. Gotta love Primark! x