Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Heatwave Hairstyles

Above are a few lyrics inspired by the sunny climates we have had the pleasure of having over the past few weeks. I might love this weather but my hair does not. I have very long hair, long knotty hair which is also pretty straight. Oh, and it's an array of colours due various of shades it has been dyed over the years. The last time I dyed by hair was October 2012 and my time in the sun means some parts are even lighter. It might take ages to brush but I do love my hair. It is not often I have all of my hair tied up - it's a bit like my security blanket. However this weather is too hot for a blanket of any kind. 

Washed and naturally dry (Thanks sunshine!)
Yesterday morning I showered, brushed my hair and set up a space in the living room. While my hair was drying naturally, I brought my big mirror, hairbands, bobby pins and of course my tangle-teezer (the best brush ever invented for hair as knotty as mine) into my little salon space. Ralph was eager to get involved, so as I sat on a cushion on the floor he slumped himself next to me - not one to miss the excitement of a Tuesday morning. 

Over the past few months bobby pins have become close friends of mine. I try not to get too upset when one goes missing as that is pretty inevitable. One of my favourite hairstyles involves using these pins to keep my hair off my face. It was great when I was in exams as some of my hair struggles to stay behind my ears. This post is about Heatwave Hairstyles so I didn't just want it off my face. I wanted my hair off my neck, back and shoulders. The simplest and most effective way of doing this is a top knot. 

After playing around with my hair for a while, Ralph began to crave my attention. He obviously agreed that a top knot is perfect, especially for a dog walk. That ditsy dog sometimes makes a good point! With my hair up and ready for the day, we went out with Mum for a quick walk before it got even hotter. 

So that was my Tuesday Morning! How have you been spending time in this weather? Please let me know of any heatwave hairstyles you've tried and tested!


Kayspray said...

I love the top knot! Great post! :)

Kayspray said...

It's definitely how my hair will stay while the weather is this scorching! x