Sunday, 7 July 2013

Holiday Favourites

Here is a short post on the things that made my holiday a little extra special. Don’t worry – I won’t continue to boast about my holiday for much longer. After this I will do one more post which focuses on cute animals at Oasis Park then my holiday reminiscing will be over.

- Two items that kept my feet looking fabulous:
 Since my feet were constantly exposed on holiday, I wanted them to feel confident. Models Own Nail Varnish lasted the majority of my two weeks away and needed just a little touch up for the last few days. The metallic colour meant it went with everything I wore and shimmered in the sunlight.These Ella Shoes are the comfiest and stylish flip flops I've ever had. My mum treated me to them on last Easter when we went for a day out to Leigh-on-sea and I've worn them whenever possible. 

- My favourite outfits:

 My favourite daytime look (when out and about) was a simple cami and soft butterfly patterned shorts that went with most colours. The photo was from the day at the zoo where I wanted to feel comfortable. I think the animals appreciated my safari style effort! For our evening meals we liked to make an effort with our appearance. After a day in the sun wearing the 'casualist' of casual clothes, it was nice to wash off the sun cream and dress up.

Another pair of shoes that went with many of my outfits were in this photos- this was my attempt to show you the full outfit. They are gladiator sandals from New Look and the blue band you can see in these photos is from the hotel to show we stayed there (added some colour don'tcha think?)

Send me a link to any posts you’ve made about summer style, essentials & general summery fun! I’m off out to go enjoy the sun while it lasts – Have a great day x

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