Monday, 29 July 2013

Primark Haul

Today Mum and I went on a quick trip to Chelmsford and popped into Primark to grab a few bits. This weekend I am off to Windsor to see my Uni housemates. I haven't seen any of them since May so it's going to be a great weekend - lots of alcohol, dancing, chilling and chatting. With this in mind I have recently bought a few going-out outfits and to go with said outfits I needed new accessories!

Tan pumps with a sparkly bow - On most nights out at uni it makes sense to wear flat shoes - Less chance of falling over, more chance of staying out and dancing for longer and look how pretty these pumps are!! I already have a ton of black shoes so thought I'd mix it up a bit. Primark have a great variety of pumps at the moment and at £10 these should last me a while. 

2 vest tops - My friend, Hayley showed me these tops in Stratford after I found similar ones in Topshop for £18 each. I'm so pleased to have these at £5 each to go with my new shorts and jacket co-ords (photos to come after the weekend) and many other outfits. The tops are very thin so perfect for this weather and the colours make me look even more tanned (#winning). 

Tan purse/clutch bag - To go with my new shoes, I needed a new going-out bag. I only need to fit my phone, house keys, money, I.D. and lip stuff into a bag. This is actually a purse but fits neatly under my arm or in my hand when I'm out dancing. It was on sale (I know a sale in Primark?!) for only £2 so I had to buy it! 

Have you found any gems while out shopping recently? There was so much more I could have bought but I'm trying to save money for Uni and with my 21st at the beginning of October, I'll hopefully get a few goodies then. 


Kirsty said...

I love those shoes! Could wear them day and night. Bargain!

Kayleigh Parker said...

Will hopefully get lots of wear out of them! :) Thanks for visiting x

Nahid said...

Really loving the sequinned pumps, have you seen the Primark range on ASOS yet?

I've just started following you on bloglovin. If you're interested in following a new blog, I'm on or you can find me here - rambling about all sorts!


Kayleigh Parker said...

I love that we can now buy Primark clothes online. I haven't done so yet but am soo tempted by some of the dresses. Thanks for being my newest reader - just about to check out your blog! xx

Rebekah Fenwick said...

Love this haul. Looks like you got some really cute things. Love the cami top..I have seen them on my recent visit to Primark just haven't got around to purchasing them yet but I sure will. Lovely blog I just have to follow.

Kayleigh Parker said...

They have lots of lovely patterned ones - I wanted to buy all of them! Thank you so much Becka :) xx

Stef said...

Those are really pretty camis!ive just ordered some from topshop:)

Kayleigh Parker said...

They are great for this lovely weather aren't they?! x