Monday, 15 July 2013

Today I Love # 1

I'll be honest; I'm feeling rather down at the moment. I have already used a whole roll of toilet paper to deal with my running/blocked nose and my head feels like a bucket full of sand (summer/beach reference - first thing that came to mind). This negative mood actually gave me some inspiration. I thought I'd start a series of posts about whatever is making my day that bit better. Before I start, let me tell you that I am grateful for my loving family, boyfriend, friends, pets and other meaningful stuff but these posts will look at the little things in life that brighten up my day -a bit of positivity!

The Sunshine. I may be slightly under the weather (weird phrase..) but this weather is making me feel tons better. The sniffles are bearable as I can go rest outside or be slightly more productive than I would in the heights of winter.

Tom Odell. Not my favourite Tom in the world and sure his music might seen a bit gloomy for this time of year BUT this brit award-winner's album is one to listen to. I know and Hold Me are awesome.

The Apprentice. The highly anticipated final is this Wednesday and I cannot wait! I want Luisa to win purely because I like cake. Her business is something to do with wholesale retail of cake-making stuff. (Sorry but that's the best summary you'll get from me!)

Scrunchies. The 90's icon is back. I love scrunchies - I always have. I recently lost a leopard print one that I had for many a year. I wore it daily when I did my skin care routine and make up. I am off out to New Look to invest in a couple. My hair needs to be up in this weather so watch this space for a heatwave hairstyle post soon!

Patterned Shorts. Who likes short-shorts? I certainly do and Primark definitely do. Last week I was in Somerset with only one pair of shorts (silly me!). A trip to Primark sorted out this conundrum and I brought a couple of pairs for £4 each! What a bargain.

Apologies for the bad photo but I wanted to show them to you! 

What do you love today? Is the sun putting a spring in your step? Are those shorts that started to feel a bit too tight fitting perfectly again? x

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