Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Have You Heard... Things We Lost in the Fire

Before I talk about Bastille's song Things We Lost in the Fire, I would just like to mention there have been a few little changes to this little blog. I'm not sure how big a deal this is BUT I have changed the name from The Things Life Throws at You. I have wanted to change it for a while but wasn't sure what to or if it was a bad move but it was such a long title! I feel the new, improved name makes more sense , fits the URL better and makes it a lot more personal. Oh Hey Kayspray.. is something I often hear on the end of the phone when one of my dear friends call me. Let me know what you think of this bold move - Do you prefer the new name? 

Welcome to another post for the series Have You Heard. Bastille are known for their hit songs Pompei, Flaw & Laura Palmer. My favourite of their tunes is Laura Palmer however today I am going to talk about a song that got me thinking (ooh - dangerous!).

Things We Lost in the Fire is a decent tune but the main reason I wanted to write about it is because of the potential scenario that came into my head when listening to this indie band. If I could only save 3 things (not people or pets as they are all save in my imagination and couldn't bare to think otherwise) - What would I save? I've written down the first items that came to mind because if there was a fire, I'd be in a hectic rush. It's a horrible thought to have all my possessions destroyed but I thought it would make a pretty interesting post.

1) I know I said no people or pets but Pierre the Polar Bear is something completely different. He is my rock and the only one I can rely on to always be there and never get fed up with me. I'd even go as far as saying I feel guilty when I don't take him away with me. Check out his facebook page!

2) There are a lot of old photographs that aren't digitally stored and losing those would be like losing my memory and since I have a rubbish memory already this would be a tragedy. There is one photo I have on my bedside table of my parents, my nan and granddad, Charlie and Me on holiday with parrots. It's a photo I wanted to find for months and when I recently did I don't want to have it out of sight. 

3) My Winnie the Pooh blanket. It'll be on my bed with Pierre so easy to grab quickly. It was bought as a gift for baby James in Cyprus when we thought he'd be a girl. When we were wrong, I took it into my care and haven't parted with it for 9 years! 

It was quite a hard decision to make because a lot of things can be replaced. I have lots of my photos and files backed up online so as long as the Internet doesn't catch fire I have a lot of important things stored safely away. What is your answer to this difficult questions? Leave a comment below with your three most valued possessions - I love hearing from you lovely lot and will reply ASAP. 


Laura Beeney said...

i'm literally obsessed with Bastille, i love them so much! i always thought that things we lost in the fire is an interesting song! love your blog post!

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thanks Laura - Bastille are awesome, wish I was at Reading Festival as I heard they came on the BBC Introducing Stage as a special guest. xx