Sunday, 18 August 2013

Money Matters - Week 1

Week one is over for my spending ban and what a successful week it has been. Due to my recently found money struggles, my lovely family have been looking after me. Charlie has treated me to too much take out pizza but I am not complaining! We went over to Lakeside Shopping Centre with Nan and our Aunt on Friday. I bargain that I would have happily bought was a skirt from Forever 21. It was only £6.50 and am sure it'll be worn on many an occasion. I'm so lucky because Nan bought it for me - I shouldn't have told her I was struggling with money because she also paid for my petrol... 

Forever 21 / £6.50

I have had a fun-filled week without spending too much. If it wasn't for the lovingly generousness of my family I would have spent quite a bit more. So what did I spend this week? I spend £6 at Subway for Charlie and I for our picnic and under £5 on J2Os on a night out - being the designated driver made things super cheap.

Total Spent: £11
Total Left: £139

Fortunately this week isn't all about spending money. I may have earned a couple of quid -  go me! With the house having a clear out, the parents gave me and Charlie all the old cds, dvds and books to sell and split the money for. Zapper & Music Magpie were used for dvds and cds and Amazon for the majority of the books. Our old uni books are getting us quite a bit of money! So far we are expecting over £100 to come in by the end of the month! Kerchinngggggg 


Christina L said...

going to lakeside must of been a toughy, i went into topshop today and could of spent so much!! sadly it's impossible when you don't have the money! that's such a great idea, i have old uni books and dvds, hopeit's an easy process :-)

Christina L said...

ps now following x

Kayleigh Parker said...

The topshop sale is pretty good at the moment - which is a pain! Definitely sell them on Amazon - some of our books are going for £25 each xx