Saturday, 24 August 2013

Money Matters - Week 2

I have had a very sociable week and was somehow able not to spend too much. Instead of focussing on the fact I have spent a bit of money this week and gone slightly over my weekly budget of £35, I want to share some of the bargains I found. I could be on Bargain Hunt - on the red or blue team hmm... 

My iPhone has been playing up for months and the apple store people kindly fixed it. Sadly it only took a week for it to start freezing and resetting itself again. Luckily enough my contract had ended last month so I was able to go on a hunt for a new contract. I managed to find a very good deal on orange from If you send off certain months' bills, they send you a cheque meanly my contract is almost half the price it would be if I went straight through orange! No payments need to be paid until the end of the first month's contract so all I've spent is £4.99 on a new case from ebay. 

If you haven't already, please check out my Superdrug Haul! I bought three lovely products for £6.49 including the infamous BabyLips and some MUA bits and bobs. The purchases weren't completely essential, but at such great prices - How could I resist?! 

I've also spent money on a bottle of wine for my dear friend Monica's birthday party today and needed to top up on petrol. I took my older brother Charlie to Heathrow as he is exploring the US for 4 weeks (so jealous...) With the airport trip and lots of driving about Essex seeing friends, petrol quickly run out. 

Spent this week: £36.97
Total Left: £102.03

Send me your spending ban links and let me know about your inner Bargain Hunter! 


Adrian G said...

I do mine a little bit differently, but I am on something of a spending ban too. I just put my credit cards in a time out. I've been over using them this summer, so I decided they needed a break. I just took big pink post-it notes and attached them to each of my credit cards with a note that I cannot use that card until I have it paid off. Surprisingly, that's all it takes. It's too embarassing to pull it out in a store and have the clerk see that note, so I'll be good for a while and focus on getting them paid off.

Kayleigh Parker said...

Haha that's a great idea! Maybe I should start putting post-it notes on snacks to stop me being greedy :P xx

Sandra Dötsch said...

That's a really good idea! I should do the same!! Maybe write something like: "You already bought too much chocolate this months! You'r getting fat"^^
I am going to try that in September ;)

Lauren said...

It's a great idea to do this, keeping track of what you've spent and what you've got left! I imagine it's quite shocking how quickly things mount up haha.

Love your blog!

Lauren of Lauren J xxxx

Kayleigh Parker said...

It's so easy to spend money on little things like a drink at Costa or a snack at Tesco and then realise you've just spent a tenner! xx