Sunday, 11 August 2013

Money Matters

I'm coming into my third year of being a university student and am great with money. I manage to have cheap nights out, not buy too many clothes and luxuries and although I have the occasional meal out (a few times a week...) I still had money spare. However I haven't worked this summer, I've spent quite a lot on my holiday, days out, food and clothes and now I'm struggling. 

With my first lot of rent coming out at the beginning of September and student loans not coming in until the middle, I need to stop spending and if anything start earning. I can't see myself finding a job at home for 5 weeks but plan on finding work in Portsmouth as soon as I'm back to Uni. 

Brother's Dollars for US Trip (So jealous!)

This is the start of a few posts I plan on doing about money. For the next 5 weeks I need to spend as little as possible but I still want to have fun. I will do weekly updates on my progress so this will give me the motivation to be good and stick to the plan! 

Budget: £150 for 4 weeks 

This is the amount of disposable income I have until my student loan comes in. It averages out at about £35 a week but if possible I want to save as much of that as possible for University. I think the majority of this will go on petrol and since I'm living at home I'll eat whatever is in the house (Toasties!

If you have any great money saving ideas, they would be much appreciated. Are you feeling the metaphorical pinch at the moment? 

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Maddy Whittaker said...

love your blog hun! just followed you on blogger, bloglovin and insta! keep in touch lovely xx