Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What do you mean 'Fashionably Late'?

I have some strange obsession with time. It routes back to my childhood and having to rely on my parents to take me places and drop me off at friends' houses. Taking me places wasn't high up on my parents to-do list which was fair enough. Sometimes it was like they were taxi drivers without the awkward conversations and that moment where you're searching through your purse to see if you can pay with change. So back in the day, I'll be there around 12 usually meant I'll make it over for dinner. 

Since I started driving 3 years ago, nothing stops me being on time - if not early. I take into count potential traffic, finding a parking space and even time to get petrol if needed. When I am expecting someone, whether it be a friend or pizza delivery guy (worryingly quite often) I am ready near the door. I guess being punctual is my thing. I take that back - that is such a boring thing to be known for. I'd rather be the girl with that weird laugh or the one with the hair or something. 

The problem is not everyone is as punctual as I am. Some people won't arrive for another half an hour after expected, some people will say meet in town at 11 but text you at quarter past telling you they are on their way (I know you are still putting your tights on so stop lying to me!). Clocks are here for a reason. We move around the sun at a certain speed for a reason. The Simpsons is always on at 6, not for a specific reason but it's never on at five past so why do you get to be late?!

This is what Ralph thinks.

This rant isn't actually aimed at anyone in particular. There have been a few occasions recently where I've been the late one and it's frustrated me so much. My reason for lateness when meeting up with friends is usually my little brother. I'll be looking after him and my parents won't come back when I was expecting them to thus making me late. I'm not trying to be some sort of Time Lord (but I would love to own a TARDIS) and from these recent moments of annoyance, I've learnt something. 

Most of the time, people have reasons to be late. Having a casual meet-up with friends isn't high on most people's priorities so being a bit late isn't the end of the world - and time itself. It's not like going to an interview or some professional event where someone walks in late and gets death stares, tutting and head shakes heading their way. I need to chill out a bit... and breathe. Especially for this summer, I haven't got a hectic schedule or any type of schedule for that matter. Running a few minutes late isn't fashionable by any means - whoever says it is, is lying because they just wanted a few more minutes in bed or took too long in the shower. But after thinking long and hard about this, I've worked out that I don't need to get worked up about being late. 

Does anyone else have an issues with lateness? Link me to any rants you've been having or any lessons you've recently learnt. 


Angela said...

I really hate being late...but I am a bit rubbish at getting out of the house on time. I still make it though :) (And as for hovering by the door if expecting company, I do that, too, and so does my little boy!)

Angela @ http://little-apple-tree.blogspot.co.uk/

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thanks for visiting my little blog Angela! I always have those days where time seems to slip away and I'm still in my pjs :) xx