Monday, 30 September 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

So this might not be Green Day's favourite month but I've had a blast! So much has happened this month and I wanted to end it all on a high. Through the medium of photography , here are my highlights for this month:

Favourite Instaphotos
My Uni Housemates (with one missing)
Dog Date over Alice's - Ralph, Risky & Shadow

James' 9th Birthday
Moving into New Uni House

Favourite Posts
(Click on photo to view)

Funny Pictures

Zizzi with Mum, Nan & James - This sharing platter was amazing!

September was a pretty awesome month and it looks like October could get even better! It's my birthday this Friday so expect a few birthday related posts towards the end of the week. I'm struggling to contain how excited I am!! 

What were your highlights this September? Send links to your lovely blogs please and I hope your month was as good as mine!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Have You Heard... My Fresher's Playlist

For this Have You Heard post, I wanted to share the songs that will remind me of the fresher's fortnight that has just ended. Thanks to Spotify- my journeys to and from uni, showering and getting ready for nights out can now be re-enacted in the form of a montage with these songs being the soundtrack. I don't know about you but those teen movies with the fashion montages are how I think life really should be - a bit cheesy, very unnecessary and fun. Without further babbling on, here is My Fresher's Playlist 2013:  

Please send over some songs that are making your day or annoyingly stuck in your head. If you have any requests for my Have You Heard series, let me know and I'll definitely look into it. 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A/W florals

Florals - usually a sign that spring is upon us. However this year brings a bit of a twist on the tradition and as autumn falls (pun intended) the flowers are staying strong. I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite floral pieces for this season from the high street so here you go!

1. Topshop Floral Spot Print Cami Chances are you'll find a similar version of this cami in Primark but wherever you get it from and at whatever cost, I love the colours of this top. I would wear it with jeans and a cardigan during the day and wet-look leggins in the evening. 
2. New Look Petite Purple Tapestry Floral Aztec Belted Skater Skirt All the colours in this skirt appeal to me. The fact that is a mix of floral and aztec is pure awesomeness and makes me way too happy. 
3. Dorothy Perkins Black Floral Jacquard Dress I absolutely love this dress and can see myself wearing it with a leather jacket and ankle boots during the day and with black heels and a clutch bag during the evening.
4. Miss Selfridge Floral Square Scarf I am a big lover of scarves and this one fits perfectly with my autumnal style florals. 
5. Oasis Floral Bow Socks I have lots of pairs of patterned socks for this time of year - some with snowmen, pandas and all sorts. So these would be a welcome addition to my sock drawer. 

Let me know what you think of these floral pieces and send me links to any that you're loving this A/W. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

... Said no student ever!

It's the second week of Freshers down in Portsmouth so I thought, why not do a few more uni related posts for my fellow students out there! Since I couldn't find an excuse not to on my Student Excuses post, I had to do this for you all! Here are some more typical student sayings in the form of the meme: "said no-one ever". 

Okay just 1 pint then I'll head home for an early night. 
No, sorry I don't have a nando's loyalty card.
I definitely prefer those £1 Asda pizzas to a dominoes.
Student loan has just come through, better not spend it all at once.
I remember everything from last night very clearly.
I won't leave my essay till the last minute.
I spend most of my time at my desk studying.
I don't buy drinks just because they are on offer. 

It didn't take me long to come up with these and it didn't take me long to settle back into becoming a typical student. I can't say that I leave my essays to last minute because I'm way too organised and hate the pressure of all-nighter but most of that I can relate to! Let me know if you can think of any others or can relate to some of these. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Today I Love # 5

Speakers - Not only do I love speakers, I am loving my new pig speakers that mum gave me. I have named her Peppa (original, I know...) and looking at her makes me so happy, look at that smile! So Peppa the happy pig raves it up with me when I'm getting ready - sorry neighbours but I like pretending to be Beyonce. 

Internet - So since moving into the house almost two weeks ago we had no Internet. The world wide web that I rely on way too much was unavailable to me. I've used up the majority of my data on my phone, been on trips to the library and used Tom's Vodafone dongle. I think I've handled the situation well even though we had basically nothing to do and so much TV I could of caught up on.. nevermind! Thankfully we have now got things sorted. 

Autumn - So you can read my post on my love and appreciation for this season if you click here. I'm so frilled to be able to wear those comfy knits, onesies, fluffy socks, blankets and boots. Goodbye Summer - it was great to have you but I'm now ready for a bit of a chill in the air.

The Things I Love - Nahid's blog is one of my favourites and as the name of the blog suggests, she writes about things that she loves. Well I love her blog! She has just started a series called I love a shop & tell that I look forward to reading - can't beat a good haul post!

Shores Uni Song - If you have me on Twitter, you'll probably seen how much I rate this song. Sure I might be slightly biased considering it was made my two of my house mates but it's a serious tune. Let me know what you think of it!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Hello Autumn..

It's a tough call but I'm pretty sure autumn is my favourite month. As the weather takes a turn into coldville, we can be thankful we had a decent summer as far as the heat is concerned. This year I am very much looking forward to so many aspects of autumn. So here is a little post to give my love to this season.

Change - Not only are the weather, leaves, fashion and dietary habits changing, it's also the beginning of a new year at uni. For the majority of my life September has been the beginning of the year thanks to education and even more so due to being at Uni. I've moved into a new house, looking for a new job and studying new modules.

My birthday – A date to remember: 4th October. It'll be my 21st birthday this year so got to think of a very special way of celebrating it. A night out is inevitable and I hope I remember it all in the morning. If not, I'll need photographic evidence that it actually happened.  

Fashion- I love the warm tones in the A/W collections – the deep burgundies and every possible shade of brown and cream. I am a massive fan of knitwear and an even bigger fan of scarves.  I love them and without them I would be forever cold. It would be rare to see me without fabric flung around my neck for the next 6 months. 

T’is the season- There are lots of events this time of year to look forward to (alongside my birthday). We have Halloween, Bonfire Night and the C word (which I will not mention for at least another 6 weeks). There is always something around the corner to look forward to.

What are you looking forward over the next few months? Please don’t forget to enter my give away of Barry M, MUA products and more. Click here to enter as there is only a few days left!! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Have You Heard... Big When I Was Little

I recently did a guest post on VickieBlogs and since I want it to be a part of my Have You Heard series, I thought I'd post it up on here too. 

Chances are that you’ve heard this song quite a bit if you listen to the radio. It’s currently in the charts and is one catchy tune!  Like Eliza Doolittle, I was a 90s kid and this song is very reminiscent of those years of growing up. She mentions cassettes, school reports, Super Nintendo, Malcolm in the Middle and all sorts that hit me with nostalgia.

I chose this song for my guest post because it made me think of things that were big when I was little (That photo is of little me – taking selfies before anyone else #hipster). Here is my list of things that were big when I was little:

- Since we are talking music – I loved S Club 7 (and juniors). I spent many an hour practising dance routines and singing along to these pop hits with friends. Blue were my favourite boy band, I am pretty sure I thought marrying Lee was a possibility… 

- My first ever responsibility was my tamagotchi and I will modestly say, I was the best mum EVER! Okay, not so modest. I lied. To this day, I think I will be a great mummy. My Mummy CV would have my little electronic pet as my first on a long list of things I have looked after. My 8 year old brother James would be my most recent success.

- I thought Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were perfect together. I couldn’t believe it when they broke up and I almost gave up on the idea of love. I was quite a dramatic child, you see and with Disney and fairy tales giving me this ideal of a happy ending – I got a bit confused. Then again I heard that you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince (no offence Justin).

- I have a large collection of hair accessorises. My favourite of which were my butterfly clips – I had a multitude of colours to go with different outfits. Yes, I co-ordinated from a young age.

- I have notebooks FULL of silly games I would play with my friends. We would write our names with a boys, who we fancied and do some mathematical magic to determine the success rate of this (not) potential relationship. Do you remember MASH? It was a game that we all assumed told us the future. It lied to us – I’m not married to Lee Ryan and we don’t live in a shed with our pet dragon.

I will stop there even though there are a million and one things I could bring up from my childhood. Thank you Eliza Doolittle for making this playful tune and letting me relive some very pleasant memories. You can find the music video here. What random memories do you have of your childhood? 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Typical Student Excuses

Here are some excuses that I have used and will seem valid to anyone who is a student or has student-like tendencies. Most students are on a bit of a tight budget and make up excuses to stop the guilt of spending unnecessary money overshadowing the fact they are having the time of their lives!

To buy new clothes:
- It's on sale
- I have nothing to wear
- I'm tagged in so many photos wearing this dress even though it was over a month ago
- All my other clothes make me look fat
- Nothing fits me anymore

To go out for a meal:
- I have a voucher
- They have this lunch deal...
- I have nothing in the house and don't have time to go shopping today
- Subway is just there and home is 10 minutes away and I have a lecture in an hour

To go on a night out:
- We need to celebrate.. something, anything, I need a drink?
- I've been so stressed recently and want to dance the night away
- I deserve a wild night out
- Student loan just came through

To not go to lecture: (I do not condone this)
- I'm hungover
- I'm still hungover from the other night
- I'm sick *cough cough* (Boo you... ) 
- It's raining - Why would I go outside?
- 9am on a monday... Maybe next week.
- I'm pretty sure I know enough about conflict in the Middle East.. 

It's almost worrying how many excuses I've got for not going to lectures. FYI you should go to lectures unless you're going to cough all the way through it and annoy everyone. It happens - Last September I had the worst fresher's flu. Anyway, I hope many of you can relate to this post - being students or non-students. Just remember if you're trying to make an excuse to do something, it means you really want to do it. That there is a good enough reason! Send over your lovely links and don't forget to enter my competition to win some beauty buys by clicking here

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back To Uni

So this Tuesday I moved back to Portsmouth and into a new house. I love my new room and didn't take me long to settle in! The only problem is that we do not have wifi yet and probably won't until next week. I'm sure you're thinking, oh god how is she coping? And yes I am also wondering that. Thankfully a few of my house mates have also moved in so we keep each other company. I am currently sitting in the library just so I can get some posts sorted for you lovely lot and my presence on the wide web of the world isn't lost. 

I love my new uni room. At first I missed my old one but once I rearranged the furniture and put in some personal touches this is now home! I'd like to introduce you to a lovely minion who I think is called Dave. He has been chilling in my room taking up most of the bed - So cuddly I'm gonna dieee! Tom won him at Thorpe Park on 'that machine with the claw that picks things up but never usually amounts to anything being won'. 

I have a shower and sink in my room which I wasn't too sure about at first but it's awesome. Doesn't steam up the room of anything and it means crawling out of bed and into the shower has never been so easy. 

This week two of my house mates/ uni family have released their promo video for their conveniently titled song, The Uni Song. Their acoustic band is called Shores and this music video consists of various clips filmed from nights out and random uni stuff that people sent in and that we have collected over the past two years. Click here to give their facebook page a lovely like! I will do a proper Have You Heard post about them soon enough but for now please check out this awesome song...

Don't forget to enter my competition to win some lovely beauty products. Click here to enter! Please send me links of your new uni experiences, hope you have as much fun as I am! 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

A/W Fashion Haul

Before heading off to Uni, my Nan treated me to a shopping trip for my 21st. We went a month before my actual birthday but I still managed to feel very lucky and spoilt! This post is about the lovely pieces my Nan bought me in Lakeside Shopping Centre. 

My favourite thing about going to Lakeside is that they have all the normal high street shops & more. I love Forever 21 so when choosing where to shop it was between Lakeside & Stratford's Westfields. The aim of our shopping mission was to purchase some lovely casual Autumnal clothes for when I'm back at uni and can't afford to put the heating on. I am a big lover of A/W fashion - the big knits, comfy boots and layers. 
Jumper: Forever 21 / Jeggins: Primark / Ankle Boots: Miss Selfridge / Necklace: New Look
This grey knit is so soft. I'm scared I'm going to ruin it in the wash so this might be a handwash item for me. Over the season I can see myself teaming this knit up with a shirt underneath and even shorts with tights on those warmer days. Primark are my go-to shop when it comes to jeggins. They are under a tenner and there is such a variety of colours to choose from. 

Jumper: Forever 21 / Jeggins: Primark / Ankle Boots: Miss Selfridge / Dog: Ralph

Ralph, the attention seeking Golden Doodle always wants to be involved. He is my fashion accessory for this outfit as I did wear it on a dog walk the other day. Another amazing knit from the wonderful Forever 21 - I cannot say enough about how much I love this shop. This cream and black number will probably be worn under a pinafore dress or with a skirt at some point this year! With the Miss Selfridge ankle boots, it was love at first sight. From my A/W Ankle Boot post (which you can read here), you can see I looked about all sorts of places. I hardily ever look at Miss Selfridge's range of shoes because they never have much of a choice but so pleased I found these! 

Blouse: Forever 21 / Jeggins: Primark / Shoe Boots: New Look
I love sheer blouses - there is something so feminine and smart-casual about them. This one was in the sales at Forever 21 so for £11 I think it's a bargain. It was only £17 before which I would have happily spent. Forever 21 is on the high street scale about the same as New Look, which is almost as cheap as Primark but better quality. Speaking of New Look, if I ever want new shoes this is the first place I look. Casually looking through the sales the other day, I came across these shoe boots and for £7 I wasn't going to leave them all alone in that big shop. 

I'm very happy with my new clothes for the upcoming season! I am a very lucky girl to be so spoilt by my Nan so a big thank you to her for buying me these gems! Also I want to thank my little brother for taking the photos for me. It's starting to feel like an acceptance speech for some award so I'll stop in a moment. Lastly let me thank all of you lovely readers! If you haven't already, please enter my 5k page view giveaway here

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Only Way is...

I'm heading back to Uni today so while I leave my lovely home county of Essex I wanted to give myself a chance to show you the side of Essex I know and love. What I have to say could probably be said about other places so I don't want you to think that any of this can only be said about my home county. 

My reality of Essex is slightly different to the one on TV, I'm not hating on TOWIE. I love it! I'm a sucker for those programmes - Geordie Shore & Made in Chelsea too! And that version of Essex is real, there are a hell of a lot of beauty salons, girls dressed to impress and boys with the exact same hair style. I'm pretty sure you'll find heavily fake tanned people across many regions. 

Bas-Vegas' famous sign

For me, Essex has everything you'll want in a home county. It takes me up to 30 minutes to go to all the places I'd want to go. This includes airports, shopping centres, the seaside and London. You can go from a busy town centre to the peaceful countryside in a matter of minutes. I live in a small village and the public transport is pretty poor so being able to drive makes my life so much easier. I also have festivals like V and Brownstock on my doorstep. I haven't been to Brownstock but this upcoming indie festival is on my list of events to go to. 

My favourite part of Essex are the quaint villages with their gastro-pubs. In summer, I love sitting out in the gardens eating lunch and enjoying the countryside views. I've worked at a couple of these types of pubs and they often are the social hub of the village - It's a great community feeling that I previously thought was lost. 

Mulberry House's Wishing Well

Frank Turner introduced me to this song by Beans on Toast. Here is their awesome version of Essex. It's called Peter Pan's Playground which was the former name of Southend's Adventure Island - brings back many childhood memories! 

If you've done a post about your hometown or places you love, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to have a look!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Money Matters - Week 4

It's come to the end of this little spending ban of mine and I think it's gone pretty well. Although temptation was always there, I managed to keep to the ban the majority of the time. This week I went out for lunch with a friend to spoons wetherspoons and as usual I really enjoyed their quality food for such decent prices! I had a torn chicken, bacon, cheesy, yummy pasta dish with garlic bread mmmm! I also did a bit of shopping this week (oh naughty me!). However I didn't spend much on myself, I bought a few gifts for upcoming birthdays and the treats for my giveaway to you lovely readers! Please click here to enter for a chance to win some beauty bits.

One thing, other than the lunch, that I bought for myself were a cute pair of black shoe boots. I have gone through a few similar pairs over the years and worn them until they are falling apart! Often they end up covered in alcohol, sick and all sorts (and that's usually before heading on a night out..). 

New Look

They are my dancing shoes as I know I'll be able to stay out all night without being the one walking back bare footed with a limp - Yes that may very well be you, so buy some of these! The main reason I opted to buy a new pair for the new uni year is because they were on sale for an ah-mazing £7 in New Look

Spent this week: £36
I managed to save: £26.43

The money I didn't spend from my budget will go towards uni. It'll easily be spent on the first day on a big supermarket shop or copious amounts of alcohol. Send links to your spending bans so I can cheer you on in your bid to save money! 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

*5000 Pageviews Giveaway!*

Last week I reached 5000 pageviews and I want to thank you guys for being ah-mazing! I only started blogging at the beginning of summer so I thought this would be a perfect mini landmark to have a bit of a celebration. The love and support I have received, not only from family & friends, but also from the fabulous blogging community is unreal! I feel like a part of another type of family - where you praise each other, give and get advice and not get told to tidy your room. I don't want to get too emotional and blubber on about how much this means to me so I'll just say Thank You!

As a big thank you I wanted to give you the chance of winning 3 of my favourite beauty products from this summer. 
Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint (Greenberry)
MUA's Trio Eyeshadow (Innocence)
Maybelline's BabyLips (Pink Punch)

I have been a fan of Barry M nail varnishes for many a year and my favourite colour this past season was this minty colour. There have been some great reviews for the Gelly Hi-Shine collection so enjoy!
It was only over the summer that I discovered my love to MUA products. This eyeshadow set is great for creating a smoky eye effect with its light, medium and dark shades. I think the metallic colours work suit everyone so didn't think I could go too wrong when including this.
Pink Punch is my favourite of the BabyLips range as it hydrates my lips while giving them a lovely colour. I'm sure you've heard the hype over these on the blogosphere so I won't go on about how awesome this product is.

Good luck to everyone getting involved and thanks once again for being lovely! Please leave your blog links in the comments - I love finding new blogs to read!

Terms & Conditions
The giveaway is open to the **UK only**.  I will personally send the prizes. If you are under 18 you must obtain consent from a parent/guardian to enter as you'd need to provide me with your address details should you be chosen as the winner. The giveaway will be run via a rafflecopter widget and the more entry steps you complete, the more entries you'll gain into the giveaway. All entries will be verified and checked, with any false or incomplete entries being deleted and removed from the giveaway. The winner will be chosen at random and then emailed on the email address provided, announced via Twitter @kayspray and added to the Rafflecopter Widget.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

A/W '13 Ankle Boots

I really want a pair of ankle boots this upcoming season. It's the kind of 'dressed down but still looking smart' look I want to attempt to pull off. At uni I'm constantly on the move. If I'm not walking to lectures, I'll be carrying a ton of food back from Asda or going for a stroll by the seafront. Whatever I'm doing, I am in desperate need of decent flat shoes. This won't be a very colourful post but then again I often wear duller shades over the cold months. 

1. Boohoo 
3. New Look 

I think I'm leaning towards the Topshop Chelsea Boots but when it comes to shoes, I need to try them on first.What ones are your favourite? Send me links to any A/W boots you've got your eyes on! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

James' Birthday & OOTD

Yesterday was my younger brother's 9th birthday. I can't get over the fact his feet are almost the same size as mine, let alone thinking of him being this old! My baby brother, who the entire family thought would be a girl, came into my life the same day that I started secondary school.This made things a lot easier when we were asked to tell everyone something interesting for the first meeting of our form groups. I'd be lying if I said I remembered it all very clearly - I have a terrible memory. 

For his birthday, he had a group of friends over and a bouncy castle in the garden. Being the responsible big sister I am, I was bouncing everywhere supervising and orchestrating some games. Gangnam Style was a much requested song and oh my, these children were such good little dancers! I felt a bit old and nostalgic by the end of it, plus the bouncy left me exhausted. James had a great time and all his friends said it was the best party ever! The only words of wisdom I have for my younger sibling at this stage is #yono (You're only nine once!) The years are already slipping through our fingers - 5 years ago James was half the size and on a bouncy castle with my friends for my 16th. No matter what, he will always be my baby James, even though he already thinks he is a teenager. 

With the Birthday Boy!

To end this post, I wanted to do a little outfit of the day as I haven't done one since Fashionable Week, plus this post would be pointless without a photo of me bouncing! I decided to wear jeggins for the flexibility and a light top - bouncy castles are like treadmills, except more fun and more bouncing.  
Sunglasses: RayBans / Top: New Look / Jeggins: Zara 
It was a lovely and tiring day. There is still some cake to be eaten so if you want to leave a comment and tell me how your week is going so far - I'll get back to you as soon as my mouth is out of the fridge. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Money Matters - Week 3

After this week there is only one more for my spending ban! Due to my need to explore - petrol is going to be the financial death of me. I went on a trip over to Swindon this week to see some uni friends, sit in the middle of a sheep infested field around a fire and camp it out for a night. Whilst there we thought it would be rude not to go to the cinema considering it was a wednesday. The majority of my money this week was spent on this mini adventure - it was totally worth it and now I cannot wait to get back to uni to see the rest of my motley crew. 

I have managed to stay away from the shops - both on high streets and on my laptop. It's not been the easiest of tasks considering Freshers Fortnight is coming up and I want lots of new going out clothes plus I am a sucker for knitwear and the A/W ranges are seriously tempting me. Is there such things as SA (Shoppers Anonymous)? 

Spent This Week: £39.60
Total Left: £62.43

I have no plans made for my last week of summer but I want to see whoever is about and enjoy my homely luxuries! Have you been on a spending ban recently or found any great ways to save money?