Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back To Uni

So this Tuesday I moved back to Portsmouth and into a new house. I love my new room and didn't take me long to settle in! The only problem is that we do not have wifi yet and probably won't until next week. I'm sure you're thinking, oh god how is she coping? And yes I am also wondering that. Thankfully a few of my house mates have also moved in so we keep each other company. I am currently sitting in the library just so I can get some posts sorted for you lovely lot and my presence on the wide web of the world isn't lost. 

I love my new uni room. At first I missed my old one but once I rearranged the furniture and put in some personal touches this is now home! I'd like to introduce you to a lovely minion who I think is called Dave. He has been chilling in my room taking up most of the bed - So cuddly I'm gonna dieee! Tom won him at Thorpe Park on 'that machine with the claw that picks things up but never usually amounts to anything being won'. 

I have a shower and sink in my room which I wasn't too sure about at first but it's awesome. Doesn't steam up the room of anything and it means crawling out of bed and into the shower has never been so easy. 

This week two of my house mates/ uni family have released their promo video for their conveniently titled song, The Uni Song. Their acoustic band is called Shores and this music video consists of various clips filmed from nights out and random uni stuff that people sent in and that we have collected over the past two years. Click here to give their facebook page a lovely like! I will do a proper Have You Heard post about them soon enough but for now please check out this awesome song...

Don't forget to enter my competition to win some lovely beauty products. Click here to enter! Please send me links of your new uni experiences, hope you have as much fun as I am! 

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Nahid Aley said...

Hey Kayleigh, hope you're well lovely?
I've really enjoyed reading your blog since I started following you, and just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :o)

You're probably going to be chock a block busy now you're back at uni, and I'm sure you've been awarded in the past, but here is the link to my post detailing what to do if you want to get involved!

Lots of love
Nahid Aley at

PS - love the minion!