Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Have You Heard... Big When I Was Little

I recently did a guest post on VickieBlogs and since I want it to be a part of my Have You Heard series, I thought I'd post it up on here too. 

Chances are that you’ve heard this song quite a bit if you listen to the radio. It’s currently in the charts and is one catchy tune!  Like Eliza Doolittle, I was a 90s kid and this song is very reminiscent of those years of growing up. She mentions cassettes, school reports, Super Nintendo, Malcolm in the Middle and all sorts that hit me with nostalgia.

I chose this song for my guest post because it made me think of things that were big when I was little (That photo is of little me – taking selfies before anyone else #hipster). Here is my list of things that were big when I was little:

- Since we are talking music – I loved S Club 7 (and juniors). I spent many an hour practising dance routines and singing along to these pop hits with friends. Blue were my favourite boy band, I am pretty sure I thought marrying Lee was a possibility… 

- My first ever responsibility was my tamagotchi and I will modestly say, I was the best mum EVER! Okay, not so modest. I lied. To this day, I think I will be a great mummy. My Mummy CV would have my little electronic pet as my first on a long list of things I have looked after. My 8 year old brother James would be my most recent success.

- I thought Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were perfect together. I couldn’t believe it when they broke up and I almost gave up on the idea of love. I was quite a dramatic child, you see and with Disney and fairy tales giving me this ideal of a happy ending – I got a bit confused. Then again I heard that you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince (no offence Justin).

- I have a large collection of hair accessorises. My favourite of which were my butterfly clips – I had a multitude of colours to go with different outfits. Yes, I co-ordinated from a young age.

- I have notebooks FULL of silly games I would play with my friends. We would write our names with a boys, who we fancied and do some mathematical magic to determine the success rate of this (not) potential relationship. Do you remember MASH? It was a game that we all assumed told us the future. It lied to us – I’m not married to Lee Ryan and we don’t live in a shed with our pet dragon.

I will stop there even though there are a million and one things I could bring up from my childhood. Thank you Eliza Doolittle for making this playful tune and letting me relive some very pleasant memories. You can find the music video here. What random memories do you have of your childhood? 

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