Friday, 20 September 2013

Hello Autumn..

It's a tough call but I'm pretty sure autumn is my favourite month. As the weather takes a turn into coldville, we can be thankful we had a decent summer as far as the heat is concerned. This year I am very much looking forward to so many aspects of autumn. So here is a little post to give my love to this season.

Change - Not only are the weather, leaves, fashion and dietary habits changing, it's also the beginning of a new year at uni. For the majority of my life September has been the beginning of the year thanks to education and even more so due to being at Uni. I've moved into a new house, looking for a new job and studying new modules.

My birthday – A date to remember: 4th October. It'll be my 21st birthday this year so got to think of a very special way of celebrating it. A night out is inevitable and I hope I remember it all in the morning. If not, I'll need photographic evidence that it actually happened.  

Fashion- I love the warm tones in the A/W collections – the deep burgundies and every possible shade of brown and cream. I am a massive fan of knitwear and an even bigger fan of scarves.  I love them and without them I would be forever cold. It would be rare to see me without fabric flung around my neck for the next 6 months. 

T’is the season- There are lots of events this time of year to look forward to (alongside my birthday). We have Halloween, Bonfire Night and the C word (which I will not mention for at least another 6 weeks). There is always something around the corner to look forward to.

What are you looking forward over the next few months? Please don’t forget to enter my give away of Barry M, MUA products and more. Click here to enter as there is only a few days left!! 


Anita Pun said...

if you have enough funds you should splash out in an aparthotel and rave!

I went to my bestfriends one last month and it was a blast x

heres the link:

Kayleigh Parker said...

Just had a look at it all - Looks like such a great plan. Shame it's all the way up in Liverpool! Would love to do something that different xx