Tuesday, 3 September 2013

James' Birthday & OOTD

Yesterday was my younger brother's 9th birthday. I can't get over the fact his feet are almost the same size as mine, let alone thinking of him being this old! My baby brother, who the entire family thought would be a girl, came into my life the same day that I started secondary school.This made things a lot easier when we were asked to tell everyone something interesting for the first meeting of our form groups. I'd be lying if I said I remembered it all very clearly - I have a terrible memory. 

For his birthday, he had a group of friends over and a bouncy castle in the garden. Being the responsible big sister I am, I was bouncing everywhere supervising and orchestrating some games. Gangnam Style was a much requested song and oh my, these children were such good little dancers! I felt a bit old and nostalgic by the end of it, plus the bouncy left me exhausted. James had a great time and all his friends said it was the best party ever! The only words of wisdom I have for my younger sibling at this stage is #yono (You're only nine once!) The years are already slipping through our fingers - 5 years ago James was half the size and on a bouncy castle with my friends for my 16th. No matter what, he will always be my baby James, even though he already thinks he is a teenager. 

With the Birthday Boy!

To end this post, I wanted to do a little outfit of the day as I haven't done one since Fashionable Week, plus this post would be pointless without a photo of me bouncing! I decided to wear jeggins for the flexibility and a light top - bouncy castles are like treadmills, except more fun and more bouncing.  
Sunglasses: RayBans / Top: New Look / Jeggins: Zara 
It was a lovely and tiring day. There is still some cake to be eaten so if you want to leave a comment and tell me how your week is going so far - I'll get back to you as soon as my mouth is out of the fridge. 

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