Sunday, 8 September 2013

Money Matters - Week 4

It's come to the end of this little spending ban of mine and I think it's gone pretty well. Although temptation was always there, I managed to keep to the ban the majority of the time. This week I went out for lunch with a friend to spoons wetherspoons and as usual I really enjoyed their quality food for such decent prices! I had a torn chicken, bacon, cheesy, yummy pasta dish with garlic bread mmmm! I also did a bit of shopping this week (oh naughty me!). However I didn't spend much on myself, I bought a few gifts for upcoming birthdays and the treats for my giveaway to you lovely readers! Please click here to enter for a chance to win some beauty bits.

One thing, other than the lunch, that I bought for myself were a cute pair of black shoe boots. I have gone through a few similar pairs over the years and worn them until they are falling apart! Often they end up covered in alcohol, sick and all sorts (and that's usually before heading on a night out..). 

New Look

They are my dancing shoes as I know I'll be able to stay out all night without being the one walking back bare footed with a limp - Yes that may very well be you, so buy some of these! The main reason I opted to buy a new pair for the new uni year is because they were on sale for an ah-mazing £7 in New Look

Spent this week: £36
I managed to save: £26.43

The money I didn't spend from my budget will go towards uni. It'll easily be spent on the first day on a big supermarket shop or copious amounts of alcohol. Send links to your spending bans so I can cheer you on in your bid to save money! 


Elizabeth Than said...

That's a pair of really neat shoes! Love it!

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thanks Elizabeth - I'm so pleased with them :) xx

Cynical Suzy said...

Love the shoes, that's such a bargain! I reckon I could wear those for teaching in all day :) were they in store or online?x

Kayleigh Parker said...

They were in store! I wasn't even planning on buying anything for myself but they caught my eye. When something is the right size and only £7 it would be wrong to go against fate! :P xx

Caroline Chan said...

Ah those shoes are so lovely and so cheap!

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Kayleigh Parker said...

You can't go wrong with lovely and cheap shoes :) xx

nikky charlene said...

those booties are so cute & cheap which is amazing! you can definitely play around with them, dress it u and dress it down. amazing!


Kayleigh Parker said...

Yeh I love shoes that can be worn for many different occasions :) Thanks for reading xx