Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Only Way is...

I'm heading back to Uni today so while I leave my lovely home county of Essex I wanted to give myself a chance to show you the side of Essex I know and love. What I have to say could probably be said about other places so I don't want you to think that any of this can only be said about my home county. 

My reality of Essex is slightly different to the one on TV, I'm not hating on TOWIE. I love it! I'm a sucker for those programmes - Geordie Shore & Made in Chelsea too! And that version of Essex is real, there are a hell of a lot of beauty salons, girls dressed to impress and boys with the exact same hair style. I'm pretty sure you'll find heavily fake tanned people across many regions. 

Bas-Vegas' famous sign

For me, Essex has everything you'll want in a home county. It takes me up to 30 minutes to go to all the places I'd want to go. This includes airports, shopping centres, the seaside and London. You can go from a busy town centre to the peaceful countryside in a matter of minutes. I live in a small village and the public transport is pretty poor so being able to drive makes my life so much easier. I also have festivals like V and Brownstock on my doorstep. I haven't been to Brownstock but this upcoming indie festival is on my list of events to go to. 

My favourite part of Essex are the quaint villages with their gastro-pubs. In summer, I love sitting out in the gardens eating lunch and enjoying the countryside views. I've worked at a couple of these types of pubs and they often are the social hub of the village - It's a great community feeling that I previously thought was lost. 

Mulberry House's Wishing Well

Frank Turner introduced me to this song by Beans on Toast. Here is their awesome version of Essex. It's called Peter Pan's Playground which was the former name of Southend's Adventure Island - brings back many childhood memories! 

If you've done a post about your hometown or places you love, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to have a look!

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