Sunday, 22 September 2013

Today I Love # 5

Speakers - Not only do I love speakers, I am loving my new pig speakers that mum gave me. I have named her Peppa (original, I know...) and looking at her makes me so happy, look at that smile! So Peppa the happy pig raves it up with me when I'm getting ready - sorry neighbours but I like pretending to be Beyonce. 

Internet - So since moving into the house almost two weeks ago we had no Internet. The world wide web that I rely on way too much was unavailable to me. I've used up the majority of my data on my phone, been on trips to the library and used Tom's Vodafone dongle. I think I've handled the situation well even though we had basically nothing to do and so much TV I could of caught up on.. nevermind! Thankfully we have now got things sorted. 

Autumn - So you can read my post on my love and appreciation for this season if you click here. I'm so frilled to be able to wear those comfy knits, onesies, fluffy socks, blankets and boots. Goodbye Summer - it was great to have you but I'm now ready for a bit of a chill in the air.

The Things I Love - Nahid's blog is one of my favourites and as the name of the blog suggests, she writes about things that she loves. Well I love her blog! She has just started a series called I love a shop & tell that I look forward to reading - can't beat a good haul post!

Shores Uni Song - If you have me on Twitter, you'll probably seen how much I rate this song. Sure I might be slightly biased considering it was made my two of my house mates but it's a serious tune. Let me know what you think of it!


Nahid Aley said...

Thanks for the love Kayleigh :o) I've done a serious amount of shopping over the last couple of weeks (Bicester Village rules), I just need to take pictures of everything for My Shop And Tell Part 2!
FYI - I read your Autumn post yesterday and it's so lovely to read your thoughts resonate with my own! If you're still looking for ideas for your birthday, and you are thinking of doing it in London, I would recommend booking a table at Circus! Great way to spend a night and watch crazy acrobats actually right on your table at the same time!

Lots of love

Nahid Aley at

Kayleigh Parker said...

Can't wait to read part 2!! I think this year I'm celebrating my birthday at uni in Portsmouth but I'll definitely keep that in mind for when I'm back in Essex - sounds awesome! xx