Monday, 16 September 2013

Typical Student Excuses

Here are some excuses that I have used and will seem valid to anyone who is a student or has student-like tendencies. Most students are on a bit of a tight budget and make up excuses to stop the guilt of spending unnecessary money overshadowing the fact they are having the time of their lives!

To buy new clothes:
- It's on sale
- I have nothing to wear
- I'm tagged in so many photos wearing this dress even though it was over a month ago
- All my other clothes make me look fat
- Nothing fits me anymore

To go out for a meal:
- I have a voucher
- They have this lunch deal...
- I have nothing in the house and don't have time to go shopping today
- Subway is just there and home is 10 minutes away and I have a lecture in an hour

To go on a night out:
- We need to celebrate.. something, anything, I need a drink?
- I've been so stressed recently and want to dance the night away
- I deserve a wild night out
- Student loan just came through

To not go to lecture: (I do not condone this)
- I'm hungover
- I'm still hungover from the other night
- I'm sick *cough cough* (Boo you... ) 
- It's raining - Why would I go outside?
- 9am on a monday... Maybe next week.
- I'm pretty sure I know enough about conflict in the Middle East.. 

It's almost worrying how many excuses I've got for not going to lectures. FYI you should go to lectures unless you're going to cough all the way through it and annoy everyone. It happens - Last September I had the worst fresher's flu. Anyway, I hope many of you can relate to this post - being students or non-students. Just remember if you're trying to make an excuse to do something, it means you really want to do it. That there is a good enough reason! Send over your lovely links and don't forget to enter my competition to win some beauty buys by clicking here


Caroline Chan said...

I can relate to so many of these, will have to try and reign it in as I'm starting second year where things count!

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Kayleigh Parker said...

I know right! Will have to master the art of self-control :P xx