Monday, 30 September 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

So this might not be Green Day's favourite month but I've had a blast! So much has happened this month and I wanted to end it all on a high. Through the medium of photography , here are my highlights for this month:

Favourite Instaphotos
My Uni Housemates (with one missing)
Dog Date over Alice's - Ralph, Risky & Shadow

James' 9th Birthday
Moving into New Uni House

Favourite Posts
(Click on photo to view)

Funny Pictures

Zizzi with Mum, Nan & James - This sharing platter was amazing!

September was a pretty awesome month and it looks like October could get even better! It's my birthday this Friday so expect a few birthday related posts towards the end of the week. I'm struggling to contain how excited I am!! 

What were your highlights this September? Send links to your lovely blogs please and I hope your month was as good as mine!


Anya Cross said...

i genuinely could not stop laughing at the photobombing cow! Haha brilliant! x

Raspberrykiss said...

Such cute doggies! Raspberrykiss xo