Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October Highlights

You've got to be joking... The end of October already? Time keeps flying by but I still have lots that I want to share with you lovely lot. As I did for the end of September, I've got a collection of photos that sum up this month. 

Favourite Instaphotos
Sunny Sunday by the Portmouth Coast
Issy, Me & Melissa 

My 21st Birthday
Night out for Melissa's Birthday
Night at the arcades where Tom won 2 minions! 

Favourite Posts
My 1st #AskTwitter
Big Beauty Haul

Funny Pictures 
(Sources unknown)

Beats the 'Cone of Shame'
"Wuu2?" - "Just Chillin..." 

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake Jags@119
Sharing Platter Jags@119
Chicken Dumplings and Tuna Sushi @Asia Japanese Restaurant

Not that I can remember much of the past year but I'm sure this was my favourite of all the months so far. I have done lots of fun things with lots of fun people and loved it all. If you have a highlights post or want to share your favourite part of October leave me some lovely comments!

Monday, 28 October 2013


I've been rushed off my feet with uni work (still am) but I wanted to get out another Halloween related post. So I went over to the world of Twitter looking for some inspiration from you spooky people...

This weeks #AskTwitter I asked What's your favourite Halloween costume? The main reason for asking this question is because I couldn't think of an answer myself! I was hoping you guys would help me out with some awesome ideas and alongside Pinterest, I've got a few ideas for this year's costume. I'm a bit of a wimp so I don't want to wear anything too scary because I'll scream when I look in the mirror (more so than usual). Here are a few of the answers from some lovely Tweeties:

Thank you everyone who got involved today. These two are amazing... I mean, McDeath? Whoever came up with that is insane! If you have any ideas please leave a lovely comment and follow me @kayspray to join in next times #AskTwitter!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween Fashion

I hate scary films, spiders, monsters, being scared, spiders and many other scary things. Paradoxically I really love Halloween. I think my love for dressing up plays a huge part in this. But who said Halloween has to be all blood and gore? This post is going to add a bit of glam to the occasion!  

Mean Girls know what I'm talking about. "Why are you dressed so scary?" I've never been one to buy a costume online or in a shop because chances are, I'll only wear it once. With this in mind, I wanted to find bits and pieces that can be worn outside of the spooky season and items that'll happily be worn the year after! On the search for cute, stylish and fun Halloween clothes and accessories, here are the favourite items that I stumbled upon... 

1. Pumpkin onesie from Boohoo - Having a scary night in watching horror films, telling scary stories and stuffing your face with treats? I personally couldn't think of a better outfit to be wearing for such an event. I'm all about the seasonal onesies. Watch this space for a Christmas themed one :P

2. Cream Chevron Knitted Tube Dress from River Island - A figure hugging dress that makes you look like a sexy skeleton = winner! This stylish number could be worn any time of year but is also perfect for a spooky night out. Add smoky eyes and back-combed hair to be hauntingly stunning! 

3. Dark Red Velvet Cami Top from River Island - You could be a member of the Adam's Family with this top. Not only is the style totally on trend, the deep colour and texture screams Countess! A black maxi skirt with a slit and chunky heels would create the Gothic look. 

4. Spider Web Tights from ASOS - I love these so much! If you're going to a Halloween party, these tights would be great with a mini dress. I much prefer 'halloweening up' by outfits with accessories and make-up to save money. 

5. Silver Spider Web Lashes from New Look - I rarely go on a night out without some falsies on. These glittery spider webs bring the glitz and glam to a gory night. I can imagine them being a little spooky when the light hits them - drawing all the attention to a pair of hypnotising eyes... 

6. Black Ghost Knitted Jumper from New Look -  How cute is this jumper? Halloween is the whole of the 31st of October so this would be ideal during the day. I know, it's really not scary. Casper the Friendly Ghost is probably related to the one of this jumper. 

Please send over your Halloween related links and let me know what your favourite of these items are! 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Guest Post: Lynn Jo Chaney

Hey lovelies. I’m Lynn Jo Chaney and the LOVELY Kayleigh has given me a chance to do a guest post on her blog.

I thought I would share some of my favourite things about the colder weather with you.
I was going to do some winter essentials or something along those lines but I think this is a bit more fun.
I am going to do my top 5 things counting down from 5 to 1!
You can check me out over at I’d love to hear your favourite things about winter.

I studied geography for my degree so I am big into the rain and that but that’s not why I like it. Also don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually like the getting wet part, it’s more about the aesthetics of it all.
I like the sound of the rain on my windows when I am trying to sleep at night. It’s really soothing and relaxing and helps me get to sleep. There is a street lamp outside my bedroom window so the rain always looks really pretty running down my window pane. It looks super nice when the headlamps from cars shine on the rain drops too.  Oh and don’t forget how healthy and green the grass looks because it is all full of healthy moisture.
I do also love snow as well. It’s my favourite type of weather. I love when it’s all powdery and on the grass and fun to play in. I don’t like when it gets melty and brings Ireland to a standstill though. If we could just keep the fun part of snow it’d be perfect!!

Yeah you heard me. Now I don’t mean staying in bed. I mean getting into your thick fleecy pjs and sitting on the couch with a blanket and fluffy socks and everything.  Especially when you’ve got an electric blanket and you get into bed and you’re all warm. Actually one of my most favourite parts of winter growing up was the fact the heating would always be on in my Nana’s house, so when I got out of a STEAMING hot bath my towels would be on the radiator heated up all nice and warm when I got out of the tub. That and she would then leave my underwear, slipper socks and pyjamas warming on the radiator in my room. You haven’t lived until your buns have been covered by heated knickers.

The winter is sort of notoriously reality TV season. But I have also noticed all my favourite TV shows seem to run in the winter. This makes me happy as I like nothing more to stay in in my PJ’s and watch some Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars. Even when Gossip Girl was running I remember going to my friend Mark’s house to watch it after college and it was so nice. We’d often spend a lot of time in Mark’s house, getting Fashion Society stuff ready or just lounging about watching movies and they were honestly some of the best nights. I used to both love and hate going to his place for pre drinks before nights out as I’d love the hanging in his house so much I wouldn’t want to leave. Winter is definitely TV show with wine and pizza season.

I love my woolies which may be why I don’t like summer all too much. I seem to sweat a lot and it makes me uncomfortable, even now my winter jacket makes me too warm, but I hate my arms and love wearing jumpers. I can’t win. I am definitely a hat and scarf person. I wear hats all year round. But winter is the time when they are most acceptable. A wooly hat and scarf. A jumper with a collared blouse underneath, jeans and ankle boots are literally my favourite thing and one of the best parts of winter. Especially when I was still in university.

OH YEAH. You could probably add soup to this as well but I am definitely going for the hot chocolate angle. Now let it be known that I used to hate hot chocolate. My dad always brought home instant hot chocolate from work, he works in Cadburys, and would make it with boiling water. It was vile and that’s definitely where the hatred started. I now know you make it with hot milk, but one time I did have a Starbucks hot chocolate and I didn’t like that. It was last winter that my ex convinced me to give hot chocolate a go. He drank tea so could always have a hot drink when he got in from the cold but I didn’t so he got me onto hot chocolate and it worked. It may have been the only good thing that boy brought to my life. It got so bad that every bought me hot chocolate stuff for Christmas and I had my own whipped cream and mini marshmallows.
It’s the finer things after all.

I’d love to hear all your favourite things. Get in touch with me over on my blog!

Enjoy Winter
Lynn Jo xox 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How Much Is My Face Worth Tag

This tag has been all over the blogosphere and of course curiosity eventually got the better of me. All the products I use are from high-street brands so I'm not expecting a huge cost. I didn't include the brushes and other utensils used because I couldn't find the cost of some of my older ones and I have some brand that apparently doesn't even sell in England. I don't wear much make-up during the day so this tag is based on my 'going out' make up (normally includes false eyelashes).  

MUA Pro-Base Primer £5
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (medium 3) £3.99
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (soft beige) £5.99
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (warm beige) £3.99
MUA Blusher (Candyfloss) £1
MUA Mosaic Bronzer (sunkissed glow) £2.50

MUA Eyeliner (jet black) £1
MUA eyeshadow palette (undressed shades 1, 5 & 7) £4
2true eyeliner (black) £1.99
Maybelline the Rocket Volum' express (black) £7.99
Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil (Hazel) £2.99

Vaseline £1.99 
Maybelline BabyLips (pink punch) £2.99

My face is worth: £45.42 

I'm happy with that amount! Being a student, I can't afford to go for those high-end brands and since I'm happy with the results my make-up give me, why pay more? Some bloggers have included their skincare products but I thought I'd save that for another post in the future (even though it's not changed much since my post: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise).

Please leave your links to the tag in the comments and let me you want to know anything more about these products! :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Here is a new series for you that I'll go to every time I want to here other bloggers/tweeties opinions and ideas. I wanted to connect with more bloggers and involving them in posts seemed like a great plan! 

So today I asked Twitter: What is your favourite autumn item? The next question I asked myself was: What do you mean by item? I didn't want to be too specific and I'm pleased I wasn't because it's quite interesting to see how a question can be perceived. 

My favourite item is fashion related. My knitted New Look socks with a fluffy interior are the best thing since eggy soldiers (and I love eggy soldiers...). I got quite a few tweets and here are a few of them:

Thank you everyone that got involved! Didn't get a chance to answer today? No worries, comment below with your answer and there will always be another time! If you want to be involved in my next #AskTwitter session please follow me @Kayspray and stay tuned!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Today I Love # 6

My Minion Family - The other evening my house mates and I took a trip to the arcades by the seafront. You could say they are a waste of money and a bit of a con and you'd be right in most cases. However (ooh the exciting part of my mini story), Tom actually managed to win a minion from the claw on his first go! But wait, it gets better... He had a few more goes and won another one!! We are now proud parents to twins. Their older brother (the big minion) was also won by Tom at Thorpe Park over summer. Moral of the story - If you want to get something using a claw, just contact me and I'll get my boyfriend on it for you. 

Avicii - You Make Me - What a tune!!! It's been in my head for a while now but I'm not complaining. We are constantly singing it in my uni house. Definitely the song of the moment. 

SOO FLUFFY!! - I'm sure I'm not the only one obsessed with fluffy socks and OMG there are some lush pairs out there right now. I wanted to take the whole display in New Look the other day because not only are they the comfiest things ever (including walking on clouds), they also look so adorable. 

Pretty Little Liars - The Halloween Special is coming up and I cannot contain my excitement for much longer! I won't spoil it for anyone who isn't up to date but seriously people keep watching. If you don't watch it, you should - I 1000% recommend it!

What are you loving right now? Leave a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you :) 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Have You Heard... My Top 3 Albums

It's time for another Have You Heard post and boy has my musical radar been busy. There are 3 very awesome albums out at the moment that I wanted to declare my love for. Yes, there are more than 3 decent ones out at the moment but for you, I have chosen my top 3. No need to thank me just yet - check these tunes out and let me know what you think! 

One Republic - Native

Back in the day, you might have known One Republic for hits such as Stop And Stare & Apologize. Travel 5 years forward and you'll end up in 2013 listening to their third and latest album - and what an album it is! 
Favourite Songs: Counting StarsIf I Lose MyselfWhat You Wanted & I Lived

Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep, 
Dreaming about the things that we could be (Counting Stars)

Arctic Monkeys - AM

I've rekindled my love for Arctic Monkeys recently. I was a big fan in their brianstorm, florescent adolescent era and they kind of fell off my musical radar. I'm happy to say how much I rate this album - So many tunes that are undoubtedly the monkeys. 
Favourite Songs: Do I Wanna Know?Arabella I Wanna Be Yours

I go crazy 'cause here is where I wanna be, 
and satisfaction feels like a distant memory (R U Mine?)

Birdy - Fire Within 

Such a beautiful voice! This is her second album and for me, she is only getting better. I'm struggling to only pick a few songs to be my favourite. I've had the whole album on loop while doing uni work and not wanted to skip a single one!  I love the music video for Wings - wish I was invited to that garden party. 
Favourite Songs: Strange Birds, All About You, Standing in the Way of the Light & Home 

Keep my eyes shut, safe in distrust, 
You're all that I need, my senses (Light me up)

I would love to hear what you think of these albums! What albums are under your radar at the moment, stuck in your head, or on your spotify playlist? 

Monday, 14 October 2013

*Avenue 32 Wishlist*

This is a feature post for Avenue 32 about one of their new designers. As much as I'd love to own some of these lovely pieces, my student budget won't allow me. But a girl can dream right? So here is my wishlist for my favourite of their designers Mother of Pearl

1. Grey Pig On Balloon Sweatshirt - This is my favourite piece of the collection. Who'd have thought of a pig flying with the air of a sequin balloon. Maybe it's feather wings weren't strong enough to carry the heavy pig to it's destination? Whatever the story is behind this sweatshirt, I love the different textures used and could see myself wearing it with a pair of dark skinny jeans and plimsolls. 

2. White Chandelier Liber Tee - This is a pretty posh t-shirt. There aren't many around that have a grand chandelier being held up by sequin balloons and has a couple of tasselled birds attached to it - feel free to prove me wrong. This very unique piece gets a place on my wishlist and it would look perfect with a leather jacket on top. 

3. White Pig On Balloon Liber Tee - The pop of colour from the balloon is why it's on my wishlist. I don't own enough tops with motifs on and I'm sure I'd get quite a few comments from this one.  I would team with top up with some light denim jeans and a pair of red pumps. Names for the pig are open to debate. 

4. Ponyskin Achilles Skate Shoes -  I have never come across 'Ponyhair' before so had to do a little research. Turns out that it is the opposite side of the leather skin and is most commonly cow - so no ponies were involved! These shoes are my favourite in the collection for their colourful zebra print. According to the designer, they were inspired by Californian surfer girl style so I'd wear them with some comfy jeans and a top (possibly one with a flying pig on). 

What do you think of the items on my wishlist? Let me know what you think and if there are any other pieces of the collection you think I should have added.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Beauty Buys

I recently got a few new beauty bits and thought that this would be a perfect little post to do for the weekend. Here is a mini review of the samples, gifts and purchases I have received over the past month. 

Rimmel's Stay Matte
Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation (ivory) *feather light mousse, matte baby soft finish* I got this little sample in Company Magazine and wanted to see how right they are. I wasn't a fan of the shade, but then again I wouldn't go for ivory. It is a light weight foundation and a small amount seemed to go a long way. My skin did feel very baby soft so I may have to go out and purchase this in the right shade!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Medium) - I use this concealer everyday and it's brilliant. It says 16 hours wear and I'd agree with that - not needed to top up during the day at all.

Real Techniques foundation brush - This brush is perfect for putting on concealer. I think it's a bit too small to be used as an all-over foundation brush (unless you have all the time in the world to get ready). I'm sure I don't need to praise this product too much as I've read many a good review around the blogosphere. 

Revlon Blush Brush - It's the perfect size to put blusher onto my apples of my cheeks. I love that - apples of my cheeks, adorable! This little, inexpensive brush is lovely and does exactly what I need it to!

1. Barry M's Red Wine nail paint - This shade is new out this A/W. The warm tone of this polish screams AUTUMN to me. It's very easy to apply and once again Barry M has done me proud. 
2. Company's Lana -  I really like this duck egg/ minty colour but didn't like the brush or texture of the polish. It would take a few coats to get an even finish.
3. Company's Rita - I can't say no to a pinky/berry shade and since this came with my Company Magazine it would be rude not to add it to my little collection. The problems are the same as for 'Lana' but being free and lovely colours, I can't really complain!

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara - I only bought this the other day and am very happy with it. It gives my lashes volume, didn't run when I got rained on and didn't flake. I'm still getting used to the brush but it's pretty easy to put on. 

Please let me know what you think. Do you have any of these products? Send over your links to any recent beauty reviews. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Silly Bucket List

So I've been thinking, I know - don't hurt yourself Kayspray! Recently turning 21 has forced me to come to terms with becoming a proper adult. Now, that won't start until after University so this post will be a mini bucket list of fun little immature/ childish things I want to do before it becomes socially unacceptable to enjoy them. 

Spend a day avoiding the cracks in the pavements
Buy lots of Smarties, organise them by colour and create a lovely pattern before devouring them
Be read a bedtime story
Have a teddy bear picnic
Say that's what she/he said more than once in a conversation
Make a den using sheets, boxes & pillows
Challenge someone to a game of 'Bogies'
See how many marshmallows I can fit in my mouth

If you can think of anything I could add to this list please get in touch! Have you got a bucket list, or a silly one like mine? 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

New Look Loving

I have spent a little bit of my free time wondering around the interweb, looking for lovely things to spend my birthday money on. Today I'm going to share the things I am loving in New Look right now. 

1. Black Foil Aztec Leggings - As you are probably aware by now, you cannot keep me away from aztec prints. I'm like a moth to a flame! 
2. Shell Pink Lace Back Knitted Jumper - I should have shown you the back of this jumper too as that's the main feature of this piece. I'm really into pale colours, especially pink and I'm a big lover of lace so this is a winner for me!
3. Crystal Teardrop Gem Drop Earrings - How dainty are these little things? It's the delicate accessories like this that I can't get enough of. 
4. Gold Diamante Bow Necklace - Shiny things make me happy. 
5. Black Metallic Embroidered Back Pumps - A little bit of detail goes a long way and I think these pumps are a great example of that. 
6. Teal Laser Cut Sleeveless Shell Top - Another simple but effective piece - the bold colour really shows off the design. Perfect top that can be transformed from a day to night outfit in seconds!

I didn't want to over do it but there are so many more awesome bits out at the moment. Thankfully I have the birthday money to treat myself with! One thing I am not loving are the festive jumpers, seriously guys - you can't use the c word for at least another month! 

Send me links to your favourite pieces and let me know what you think of my picks! 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Perfect 21st

As the title may suggest, I had the best birthday. I'm in a constant state of happiness and the love I received from my lovely friends and family has been truly amazing. I wanted to share a few highlights from my birthday weekend with you. 

Breakfast in bed / Night out with uni friends / Flowers from course mates 
I am a very spoilt princess. The morning of my birthday I woke up to lots of lovely presents from friends and family. Tom cooked me breakfast in bed (double yolk egg happened) and brought me to tears with his amazing and thoughtful gifts. We went out for a lovely meal to Pizza Express and I forgot to do that thing everyone does - take photos of my yummy foods. I was too hungry to even think about doing that! A lovely bunch of my friends made such a lovely effort and all looked extremely gorgeous for my big birthday night out. It was seriously perfect!

Spinnaker Tower & Portmouth Beach with family
Today my mum, nan and two brothers came down to Portsmouth to give me lots of presents and cake. Tom and I went out to Gunwharf  Quays with them for another yummy meal, this time at Giraffe. For October, the weather was beautiful! We took a trip up the Spinnaker Tower and stood on the glass floor 'cause we ain't scared...  To make the most of the sunshine, we walked along the seafront, spent a bit of money at the arcades and attempted to skim some stones. 

As you can see, I am a very lucky girl and can't thank people enough for making it so perfect. Now I have to try top that for Tom's 21st in November... Help?!

Thanks for all the love on Twitter. Have you got any special birthday plans or recently had an awesome celebration? Send over your lovely links!

Friday, 4 October 2013

My 21st Birthday!

Little Kayspray's birthday at McDonald's 

Happy birthday to me!  Today is my 21st which is both scary and exciting at the same time. It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that I turned 18 but alas, I'm at an even bigger milestone. Or am I? Ooh - here comes the twist in this seemingly celebratory post. Can 21 really be classed as a milestone in the UK? Apparently I'm now a 'real adult' even though I'm a university student who would consider a can of cold baked beans (Heinz of course) to be a suitable dinner. With this question in mind, I did a little research (googled it).

Things you can do when you're 21:
Rent a car abroad
Drink & gamble in the US
Adopt a child
supervise a learner driver
I could get a license to drive a plane

Basically I can do a lot of things I either don't have the money to do or things I'm pretty sure my family & friends would discourage me from doing. Maybe this birthday isn't as exciting as I first thought... I lied it's going to be an amazing birthday. One birthday (photo evidence above), I had my birthday party at McDonald's which I'm pretty sure I enjoyed greatly until the clown decided to pop in. This photo sums up my fear (yes, I was so distraught I managed to get ketchup all over my face). Can it get more exciting than that?

So this birthday won't include a happy meal or a clown - there better not be a clown. I am having a big night out at Uni with the people I care about (sadly not friends from back home). I will be posting a little about it Sunday, including my lovely dress that I'm super happy with! My family are coming to visit on Sunday and I have lots of love and presents from people all around the world. I don't care how important being 21 is - it's my birthday and I'll party if I want to!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Student Meals

The past few days I have been cooking meals with the hope of showing you the yummy stuff you can easily make with minimal costs. These meals might not look very appetising but I chose bits and bobs that were very basic & simple to make. I went to Tesco to get the ingredients for these meals and have an educated estimated value for each meal. 

Shopping list £14.27
Tesco White Bread 47p
Box of 10 Big & Fresh eggs £2
Tesco Classic Pesto £1.10 
Tesco Baby Romaine Mix 2 packs for £1 
Tesco Wafer Thin Honey Roast Ham £1.70 
Tesco Healthy Living Mature Cheddar 10 Slices £2
Young's Fishcakes pack of 12 for £2
Tesco Tortellini 2 packs for £4

Egg & Soldiers = Approx 24p
1 egg 20p
2 slices of bread approx 4p

Pesto, ham, cheese and salad toastie = 57p
2 slices of bread approx 4p
1 teaspoon of pesto approx  5p 
3 slices of ham approx 25p
1 slice of cheddar 20p
A little bit of salad approx 3p

Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini drizzled with pesta and a bed of salad and fishcakes = Approx £1.50
Half a pack of tortellini used £1
Two teaspoons of pesto approx 10p
Two Fish cakes approx 33p
Handful of Salad approx 10p

Please send over links to your budget meals or just anything yummy that you know I'll want to try!