Monday, 14 October 2013

*Avenue 32 Wishlist*

This is a feature post for Avenue 32 about one of their new designers. As much as I'd love to own some of these lovely pieces, my student budget won't allow me. But a girl can dream right? So here is my wishlist for my favourite of their designers Mother of Pearl

1. Grey Pig On Balloon Sweatshirt - This is my favourite piece of the collection. Who'd have thought of a pig flying with the air of a sequin balloon. Maybe it's feather wings weren't strong enough to carry the heavy pig to it's destination? Whatever the story is behind this sweatshirt, I love the different textures used and could see myself wearing it with a pair of dark skinny jeans and plimsolls. 

2. White Chandelier Liber Tee - This is a pretty posh t-shirt. There aren't many around that have a grand chandelier being held up by sequin balloons and has a couple of tasselled birds attached to it - feel free to prove me wrong. This very unique piece gets a place on my wishlist and it would look perfect with a leather jacket on top. 

3. White Pig On Balloon Liber Tee - The pop of colour from the balloon is why it's on my wishlist. I don't own enough tops with motifs on and I'm sure I'd get quite a few comments from this one.  I would team with top up with some light denim jeans and a pair of red pumps. Names for the pig are open to debate. 

4. Ponyskin Achilles Skate Shoes -  I have never come across 'Ponyhair' before so had to do a little research. Turns out that it is the opposite side of the leather skin and is most commonly cow - so no ponies were involved! These shoes are my favourite in the collection for their colourful zebra print. According to the designer, they were inspired by Californian surfer girl style so I'd wear them with some comfy jeans and a top (possibly one with a flying pig on). 

What do you think of the items on my wishlist? Let me know what you think and if there are any other pieces of the collection you think I should have added.

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