Thursday, 24 October 2013

Guest Post: Lynn Jo Chaney

Hey lovelies. I’m Lynn Jo Chaney and the LOVELY Kayleigh has given me a chance to do a guest post on her blog.

I thought I would share some of my favourite things about the colder weather with you.
I was going to do some winter essentials or something along those lines but I think this is a bit more fun.
I am going to do my top 5 things counting down from 5 to 1!
You can check me out over at I’d love to hear your favourite things about winter.

I studied geography for my degree so I am big into the rain and that but that’s not why I like it. Also don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually like the getting wet part, it’s more about the aesthetics of it all.
I like the sound of the rain on my windows when I am trying to sleep at night. It’s really soothing and relaxing and helps me get to sleep. There is a street lamp outside my bedroom window so the rain always looks really pretty running down my window pane. It looks super nice when the headlamps from cars shine on the rain drops too.  Oh and don’t forget how healthy and green the grass looks because it is all full of healthy moisture.
I do also love snow as well. It’s my favourite type of weather. I love when it’s all powdery and on the grass and fun to play in. I don’t like when it gets melty and brings Ireland to a standstill though. If we could just keep the fun part of snow it’d be perfect!!

Yeah you heard me. Now I don’t mean staying in bed. I mean getting into your thick fleecy pjs and sitting on the couch with a blanket and fluffy socks and everything.  Especially when you’ve got an electric blanket and you get into bed and you’re all warm. Actually one of my most favourite parts of winter growing up was the fact the heating would always be on in my Nana’s house, so when I got out of a STEAMING hot bath my towels would be on the radiator heated up all nice and warm when I got out of the tub. That and she would then leave my underwear, slipper socks and pyjamas warming on the radiator in my room. You haven’t lived until your buns have been covered by heated knickers.

The winter is sort of notoriously reality TV season. But I have also noticed all my favourite TV shows seem to run in the winter. This makes me happy as I like nothing more to stay in in my PJ’s and watch some Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars. Even when Gossip Girl was running I remember going to my friend Mark’s house to watch it after college and it was so nice. We’d often spend a lot of time in Mark’s house, getting Fashion Society stuff ready or just lounging about watching movies and they were honestly some of the best nights. I used to both love and hate going to his place for pre drinks before nights out as I’d love the hanging in his house so much I wouldn’t want to leave. Winter is definitely TV show with wine and pizza season.

I love my woolies which may be why I don’t like summer all too much. I seem to sweat a lot and it makes me uncomfortable, even now my winter jacket makes me too warm, but I hate my arms and love wearing jumpers. I can’t win. I am definitely a hat and scarf person. I wear hats all year round. But winter is the time when they are most acceptable. A wooly hat and scarf. A jumper with a collared blouse underneath, jeans and ankle boots are literally my favourite thing and one of the best parts of winter. Especially when I was still in university.

OH YEAH. You could probably add soup to this as well but I am definitely going for the hot chocolate angle. Now let it be known that I used to hate hot chocolate. My dad always brought home instant hot chocolate from work, he works in Cadburys, and would make it with boiling water. It was vile and that’s definitely where the hatred started. I now know you make it with hot milk, but one time I did have a Starbucks hot chocolate and I didn’t like that. It was last winter that my ex convinced me to give hot chocolate a go. He drank tea so could always have a hot drink when he got in from the cold but I didn’t so he got me onto hot chocolate and it worked. It may have been the only good thing that boy brought to my life. It got so bad that every bought me hot chocolate stuff for Christmas and I had my own whipped cream and mini marshmallows.
It’s the finer things after all.

I’d love to hear all your favourite things. Get in touch with me over on my blog!

Enjoy Winter
Lynn Jo xox 

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