Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween Fashion

I hate scary films, spiders, monsters, being scared, spiders and many other scary things. Paradoxically I really love Halloween. I think my love for dressing up plays a huge part in this. But who said Halloween has to be all blood and gore? This post is going to add a bit of glam to the occasion!  

Mean Girls know what I'm talking about. "Why are you dressed so scary?" I've never been one to buy a costume online or in a shop because chances are, I'll only wear it once. With this in mind, I wanted to find bits and pieces that can be worn outside of the spooky season and items that'll happily be worn the year after! On the search for cute, stylish and fun Halloween clothes and accessories, here are the favourite items that I stumbled upon... 

1. Pumpkin onesie from Boohoo - Having a scary night in watching horror films, telling scary stories and stuffing your face with treats? I personally couldn't think of a better outfit to be wearing for such an event. I'm all about the seasonal onesies. Watch this space for a Christmas themed one :P

2. Cream Chevron Knitted Tube Dress from River Island - A figure hugging dress that makes you look like a sexy skeleton = winner! This stylish number could be worn any time of year but is also perfect for a spooky night out. Add smoky eyes and back-combed hair to be hauntingly stunning! 

3. Dark Red Velvet Cami Top from River Island - You could be a member of the Adam's Family with this top. Not only is the style totally on trend, the deep colour and texture screams Countess! A black maxi skirt with a slit and chunky heels would create the Gothic look. 

4. Spider Web Tights from ASOS - I love these so much! If you're going to a Halloween party, these tights would be great with a mini dress. I much prefer 'halloweening up' by outfits with accessories and make-up to save money. 

5. Silver Spider Web Lashes from New Look - I rarely go on a night out without some falsies on. These glittery spider webs bring the glitz and glam to a gory night. I can imagine them being a little spooky when the light hits them - drawing all the attention to a pair of hypnotising eyes... 

6. Black Ghost Knitted Jumper from New Look -  How cute is this jumper? Halloween is the whole of the 31st of October so this would be ideal during the day. I know, it's really not scary. Casper the Friendly Ghost is probably related to the one of this jumper. 

Please send over your Halloween related links and let me know what your favourite of these items are! 


mountainbeauty2013 said...

Love the "little ghost" jumper!

This my "hellish treats" Halloween board on printerest:



Kayleigh Parker said...

Awesome halloween board! I love the pumpkin cake - such a clever idea isn't it! x