Friday, 4 October 2013

My 21st Birthday!

Little Kayspray's birthday at McDonald's 

Happy birthday to me!  Today is my 21st which is both scary and exciting at the same time. It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that I turned 18 but alas, I'm at an even bigger milestone. Or am I? Ooh - here comes the twist in this seemingly celebratory post. Can 21 really be classed as a milestone in the UK? Apparently I'm now a 'real adult' even though I'm a university student who would consider a can of cold baked beans (Heinz of course) to be a suitable dinner. With this question in mind, I did a little research (googled it).

Things you can do when you're 21:
Rent a car abroad
Drink & gamble in the US
Adopt a child
supervise a learner driver
I could get a license to drive a plane

Basically I can do a lot of things I either don't have the money to do or things I'm pretty sure my family & friends would discourage me from doing. Maybe this birthday isn't as exciting as I first thought... I lied it's going to be an amazing birthday. One birthday (photo evidence above), I had my birthday party at McDonald's which I'm pretty sure I enjoyed greatly until the clown decided to pop in. This photo sums up my fear (yes, I was so distraught I managed to get ketchup all over my face). Can it get more exciting than that?

So this birthday won't include a happy meal or a clown - there better not be a clown. I am having a big night out at Uni with the people I care about (sadly not friends from back home). I will be posting a little about it Sunday, including my lovely dress that I'm super happy with! My family are coming to visit on Sunday and I have lots of love and presents from people all around the world. I don't care how important being 21 is - it's my birthday and I'll party if I want to!!


Elizabeth Than said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You can even terrorise kids or paint your school building blue if you want! (Ok, maybe not the painting part.)

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thank you Elizabeth :D xx

Ann Parker said...

Happy Birthday Princess! The McDonalds party doesn't seem that
long ago.
Love and Kisses, Mum xxx

Kate Hall said...

I hope you had a lovely 21st birthday :) I remember being super excited for mine but to be honest, nothing changes except everyone views you as an adult e.g. more responsibilities, less fun :P

Kayleigh Parker said...

I have had the best possible birthday but yes actually being 21 hasn't changed anything :P xx