Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October Highlights

You've got to be joking... The end of October already? Time keeps flying by but I still have lots that I want to share with you lovely lot. As I did for the end of September, I've got a collection of photos that sum up this month. 

Favourite Instaphotos
Sunny Sunday by the Portmouth Coast
Issy, Me & Melissa 

My 21st Birthday
Night out for Melissa's Birthday
Night at the arcades where Tom won 2 minions! 

Favourite Posts
My 1st #AskTwitter
Big Beauty Haul

Funny Pictures 
(Sources unknown)

Beats the 'Cone of Shame'
"Wuu2?" - "Just Chillin..." 

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake Jags@119
Sharing Platter Jags@119
Chicken Dumplings and Tuna Sushi @Asia Japanese Restaurant

Not that I can remember much of the past year but I'm sure this was my favourite of all the months so far. I have done lots of fun things with lots of fun people and loved it all. If you have a highlights post or want to share your favourite part of October leave me some lovely comments!


Ambi Page said...

Lovely pics :)

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thank you Ambi :) xx