Friday, 29 November 2013

Novelty Stocking Fillers Under £10

Today I wanted to share some of the novelty gifts that are around. I'm going to do a Christmas jumper post very soon so didn't bother including any here. 

1. Christmas Reindeer Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters - £6 You could ask why you'd need sunglasses in the winter... But that would ruin the fact that these sunglasses are awesome. I guess if you were on a skiiing holiday and everything was covered in snow and the sun reflecting from it was insanely bright, then they would make more sense. Or this present is for that friend you have that thinks it's cool to wear sunglasses indoors / for any occasion, "It's Christmas, better find my sunnies!"

2. Snowman Mittens from ASOS - £10 In case you haven't noticed and spend way too much time inside, it's getting pretty chilling outside now. I have been wearing my mittens, woolly hat and scarf quite a bit. I love these mittens - The snowman's eyes are made from buttons. Pure Genius! It's a present that'd make you smile every time you looked at your hands. 

3. White and Red Gingerbread Man Travel Cup from New Look - £5.99 With this travel cup, my life would be complete. I fell in love with the cutie gingerbread men. It's a great present for anyone who has a bit of commuting. I need this so I could fill it with hot chocolate and drink it on my walk into uni and it'll also keep my hands warm! Practical & Adorable. 

4. Christmas Cupcake Decorator Set from New Look - £6.99 I was sold on this gift when I saw two of my favourite words together, "Christmas" and "Cupcake"! The cases are so cute and I love the decorations to put on top! Perfect gift for any budding cake decorator/eater. 

5. Mini Party Hats from Accessorize - £7 These definitely beat the usual Christmas cracker hats! Sorry the image is so blurry - I had a bit of trouble with the Accessorize website. I thought these mini party hats would be a great for a dinner party or even Christmas dinner with the family. 

What do you think of my novelty picks? Send over your lovely links and comments down below - would love to hear from you. Sunday is the last of my Christmas present posts but never fear- there are many crimbo themed posts coming up!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Fashion Stocking Fillers Under £10

Today's stocking filler post is fashion themed. If your loved ones have a 'pash for fash', you're looking at the right place (yes I did just say that...). I found both night out and night in pieces that I believe to be lovely little gifts!

1.Black Quilted Stud Bar Purse from Dorothy Perkins - £10 This clutch bag/purse is a great size for a night out. It fits in your hand/ under your arm perfectly and is big enough to fit the essentials. I really like the quilted effect and the colours are very christmasy!

2.Heritage Ring Pack from Miss Selfridge - £8.50 These vintage-esque jewels remind me of buried treasure. They wouldn't suit pirates so get them for your bestie?

3. Red Fluffy Polar Bear Ankle Socks from Topshop- £3.50 They have polar bears on them so who wouldn't love these in their stocking! It's a total no-brainer. While you're there you might as well get yourself a pair so you aren't missing out on the Arctic action.

4. Red Fairisle Fleece Pyjama Bottoms from New Look - £9.99 Perfect for Christmas day evening or boxing day, cosying up in the living room watching Christmas films and eating left-overs even though you aren't hungry any more... Seriously stop eating Kayspray! Moving on - Comfy pjs are one of the best presents out there. 

What do you think of my fashion picks? What would you recommend? Send over your lovely links <3

Monday, 25 November 2013

Beauty Stocking Fillers Under £10

It's officially one month till Christmas! To celebrate this awesome news, this week is dedicated to Christmas gifts. Every other day I'll be posting a themed stocking filler list for the items that have caught my eye this festive season. I hope you enjoy...

1. Cath Kidston Compact Mirror from ASOS: £6 Chances are that you'll know someone obsessed with Cath Kidston! My mum is and over the past few years I've bought her numerous Kidston prezzies. From an Apron to Manicure Set - there are lots of bits out there whatever your budget. ASOS have a great range of stocking fillers and this compact mirror is super cute and useful!

2. Silver Glitter Nail Wraps from New Look: £2.99 Not only is Christmas a time for sitting by an open fire, drinking hot chocolate and wearing fluffy slipper socks, it is also the perfect party season! You can't go wrong with these nail wraps - perfect for a party animal friend or something who loves a bit of sparkle!

3. MUA Glamour Nights Palette from Superdrug: MUA's £4 Palettes are a perfect stocking filler.I chose this one because of the variety of colours and it seems perfect for the party season. If you haven't already seen my review on MUA Undresses Palette, click here!

4. Cosmopolitan Travel Brush Set from Superdrug: £8.19 For the ones who are constantly on the move, a travel beauty brush set could be a real life saver. Small enough to keep in a handbag and useful enough to touch up make up during the day. Any make-up guru/lover is in need of this gift.

5. Retox Pamper & Party Pack from ASOS: £7.50  Here is a pamper pack useful prior to a night out. It includes pomegranate face mask, revitalising eye gel pads, shea butter and peach foot cream and almond oil leave-in hair mask. Tempted to order one for myself... 

Please leave your links to Christmas related posts and your lovely blogs! Let me know what you think of my stocking filler picks. <3

Friday, 22 November 2013

A/W Fashionable Week 2013 - Day 5

It's the last day of this season's fashionable week and I'm happy I managed to complete it considering the week I've had. There have been outfits for uni, nights out and even a day in! If you want to be involved in the next Fashionable week, please get in touch. Would love to make this a link-up party or some sort of blog swapping shin-dig!

Day 5 
Jacket: Rocha John Rocha  /  Jumper: New Look  /  Necklace: Charity Shop
 Bag: Accessorize  / Jeans: Primark  /  Ankle Wellies: Mr Shoe

The lighting in my uni room is terrible so big apologies for that. This jumper is the newest of my collection and one of my favourites. I'm struggling to stop myself purchasing more knits - there are so many colours and fits, I could feel my wardrobe with just jumpers! I also love these wellies. More often than not, it is raining in Portsmouth. I don't own many waterproof things but these are stylish and puddle-safe. 

If you have any questions about Fashionable week or have your own OOTD posts, please comment below! Hope you enjoyed this season's series <3

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A/W Fashionable Week 2013 - Day 4

I like Thursdays. It's a chance to be a little productive with the knowledge that the weekend is just around the corner. I am definitely most motivated on Thursdays so today I made a bit of effort with my clothes.

Day 4 
Coat: River Island  /  Scarf: German Market  /  Jumper: Forever 21  /  Skirt: H&M  / Tights: Primark

Already day 4 of Fashionable week! I'd usually wear jeans and a jumper but since it's fashionable week, I wanted to mix it up a bit. I've had this coat for at least 8 years and even though it's a little tight if I do up the buttons, I can't get rid of it. I love the pattern and it goes with everything. The bow at the back is my favourite part! The jumper is the comfiest one I own - if you haven't been to a Forever 21, I advise you to go ASAP. It's one of my favourite shops and you can pick up some serious bargains. 

What do you think of this outfit? Please send over your links to your OOTD posts <3 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A/W Fashionable Week 2013 - Day 3

After my little episode yesterday, I went out  for a much needed drink with my course friends at the union. We ended up having such a great night, went to one of the clubs and lets just say, I've not really left bed today! I might be hungover but I'm a very happy and lucky girlie. 

Day 3 

Fur Coat: ASOS  /  Playsuit: Primark  /  Tights: Primark  /  Shoes: New Look  /  Necklace: Charity Shop

Since I haven't really moved from bed, this OOTD is inspired by my night out. Apologises for the lack of make-up, I'm impressed I managed to even get out of bed and sort this out! I love this coat - it was a Christmas present from Tom last year and it's the comfiest warmest coat ever. This LBP (little black playsuit) is perfect for day and night. It fits so well and I wish it was in a variety of colours so I could wear them all the time!

How has your day been? I hope you're managed to be more productive than me!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A/W Fashionable Week 2013 - Day 2

I metaphorically got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. I'll spare you the whole 'stress/uni/everything going wrong' rant because this week is all about fashion and I know I'm being overly dramatic. The show must go on! I strongly advised myself to stay away from human interaction today. Someone could say the most neutral of comments and it'll bring me to tears. On that note, I am having a comfy duvet day consisting of tv, films, blogging and sleeping. Hopefully this relaxation day will help me be productive the rest of the week. 

Day 2

Care Bear Pjs: Primark  /  Slipper Socks: New Look  /  Face Mask: Wilkinsons

I'm a student and comfy lounge wear is mandatory. As soon as I saw this pyjama set, I knew I had to have them! Not only are they adorable, they are seriously comfy. The leggings and the top came to £12 (I think). It was also love at first sight with the fluffy knitted socks. This outfit is the perfect duvet day combination. I treated myself so an 'anti-stress' face mask and I must admit I'm feeling a lot better. Now I'm tucked up in bed, about to watch series 2 of Greek with some chocolate to keep me company. Almost forgotten what all the fuss was about earlier...

I hope you're having a lovely positive day and if not, please take my advice (my boyfriends advice) and do something that'll relax you and make you forgot your troubles. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

A/W Fashionable Week 2013 - Day 1

In July, I started this series called Fashionable Week. The S/S version consisted of OOTD posts from Monday to Friday. I don't do outfit posts very often but I love sharing and getting feedback for you lovely lot. So it's about time I did an A/W edition and showed you my favourite clothes and accessories for this lovely season. 

Day 1

It's the beginning of another university week. I am out the house from 9-4 so want to be as comfortable as possible while maintaining the Fashionable Week spirit. 

Jumper: Miss Selfridge  /  Leggings: H&M  /  Hat: New Look  /
Scarf: German Market  /  Bag: Accessorize  /  Boot: Miss Selfridge 

Sorry about the quality of the photos, I was in a rush this morning and put this all together during my lunch break. I find this bag perfect for uni as it fits my big a4 notepad, pens and highlighters as well as my essentials (purse, keys, phone, sunglasses, lip balm & mini perfume). I got this scarf almost 6 years ago when I was staying in Frankfurt, Germany. That really makes me feel old! I love the pattern and the golden shimmer - brightens up my day. 

What do you think of my first outfit for Fashionable Week? If you want to join in or have an OOTD post you want to share - please leave your links in the comment box below!  

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Today I Love # 7

Countryside - I love going on walks this time of year. Sadly at uni in Portsmouth there isn't the countryside I'm used to at home. I can't wait to get back home and go on dog walks over the fields. The many autumnal colours make the landscape so picturesque so expect many a photo when I'm back in Essex. 

Christmas Adverts - When it's truly acceptable to start counting down to Christmas. Everyone has a different way of celebrating the beginning of the festivities - turning on the christmas lights, advent calendar or for me Adverts. They started last weekend and during X Factor the John Lewis advert came on and brought a little tear of happiness to everyone's' eyes (If it didn't, I'm sorry but TV can get me very emotional...). 

Scented Candles - I might do a post on them soon but I'm currently using an Apple & Spice one from Asda. It makes my uni really homely and relaxing.There are so many Christmas scents I want to try out so please send over your recommendations. There is something really therapeutic about candle light and with the nights starting by 5pm I can't help but stop working and snuggle up in bed surrounded by candles and fairy lights. 

I'm a Celebrity - Its starting!! I'm not normally a fan of Sunday nights but I really am this week. I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here is back this weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing some soap stars, reality TV stars, Sport stars, Carlton Banks and other celeb-types rocking up in the Jungle and facing a trial or two. Not too sure who I want to win yet but I'll keep you posted via Twitter. 

Blogging - I know this one might seen a little obvious but recently my love for blogging has come back to life. I had a little blank spot at the beginning of this month - no thanks for uni deadlines! It's safe to say I'm back with plenty of inspiration. My A/W Fashionable Week is starting Monday and from the 25th expect lots of christmas related posts! I'm almost up to 100 subscribed readers through GFC & Bloglovin so thank you so much you wonderful people!! As you might have noticed, I've had a little re-design and it now feels much more me. Let me know what you think & link me up to your lovely blogs. 

What are you loving today? Send over your lovely links and please subscribe if you're loving my blog makeover!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

MUA Undressed Palette

Superdrug £4

Just over a month ago I purchased the muchly hyped MUA Undressed Palette. After getting a chance to use most of the colours, I thought it was about time I spoke out about this little cheap treasure. The main reason for buying this palette is because I don't own many eye shadows and the hype around the blogosphere had to be tested. For £4, I'd be crazy not to give it a go!

The Undressed Palette has been compared to Urban Decay's Naked Palette more than Tesco's own Cookies are compared to Maryland's - with very similar results. The cheaper version is able to hold its own in the big beauty debate with MUA giving us an amazing palette. I cannot really comment on the Naked palette because I don't own it. Considering it is 10 times to amount of MUA's version I'll just give it a miss. I'm assuming it is called Undressed because of neutral shades used. There are 3 matte and 9 shimmer shades. I wish I took photos before I started using them but I guess it's good for you to see what I've been using the most! 

The shades aren't named so I've numbered them to make my little review easier to understand. This palette is perfect for a night out. For a quick night out look I would use 4 as a base, 9 in the crease and 1 just below my brows. For a real smoky eye I use 7, 2 and 11. Most people would probably be against shimmer during the day but I personally can't get enough sparkliness in my life. For a natural day look, I use 3 for my base and 4 or 9 in the crease. I'm going to get their Matte palette soon enough because day-time shimmer is definitely more of a Christmas look. 

I love using this palette and although I have little to compare it to, I think the quality is amazing for £4. It stays on all day (and nights out) and I've had no problems with it at all. It's seriously useful to have loads of lovely shades in one place rather than individual ones taking up space that I don't have. Even if (like me) you don't wear eye shadows very often, I reckon it's worth having a palette like this lying around for those days/nights you want your eyes to sparkle a little more!

What do you think of this beauty treasure? Do you own it or have any other palettes to recommend? 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Need a little pick me up?

Christmas can't come soon enough. I still have another 5 weeks of lectures and deadlines - I could have done with a reading week/ half term as I'm exhausted. It's times like this that the little things make it all better. This lovely cheery post comes in the form of pictures either sent to me by friends or found on the web. The sources of these pictures are unknown but muchos respect to whoever made them! 

The Funny
He really is worth it!


Cheeky Egg!

The Cute 
Sleepy bubba panda #stretch

Baby Hare - Adorable!

Please send over pictures that cheer you up and/or let me know how you de-stress and get back onto the brighter side of life!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cosy Night In

With the nights growing longer, it's safe to say we are all having our fair share of cosy nights in. To celebrate this method of hybernation, I've got together a recipe of items necessary for the perfect snuggle sesh. Whether it's for a girls night in, romantic spooning sesh or a relaxing evening for one, I've got it covered. 

Fairy Lights

Getting a bit christmasy but fairy lights don't necessarily need to be on a tree. If my bedroom light had a dimmer switch or I had a decent lamp, I wouldn't say they were completely necessary. However they really add to the cosy ambience that we are aiming for. I got these Cotton Ball String Lights from Etsy

Cushions and Blankets
This is a bit of a no-brainer. In order to be as comfy as possible, cushions and blankets are vital. You could even make a fort out of them if you're into that sort of thing (I am!). I'm not sure if there is such thing as too many cushions but let me know if you disagree.


Wuaki.TV is another one of those Netflix/Lovefilm type company who lots of films and TV series stored up for you to either watch free, rent or buy. Films I've recently watched: Thor, The Parent Trap, The Italian Job, Top Gun, Captain America & Princess and the Frog. It's great for a break during uni work (or simple procrastination). Anyone else have Wuaki?

What else would you add to the mix for a cosy night in? What sort of films do you enjoy? Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy the season of snuggling up!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Have You Heard... London Grammar

It's about time for another Have You Heard post, don't you think? With deadlines and birthdays taking up much of my time recently, I haven't spent much time searching for new music to admire. Fortunately there is one band that I've wanted to look more into for a while and this seems like the perfect opportunity...

I think I first heard of London Grammar on Radio 1 or maybe even TV and the leader singer, Hannah Reid's voice got me instantly. I had to find out more about this awesome band. They have a very powerful but relaxing sound - the sort of music you actually want to listen and not just background music. 

And so, you build a life on trust
Though it starts, with love and lust
And when your house, begins to rush
Oh it's just, metal and dust
(Metal & Dust, London Grammar)

London Grammar Factfile
Info: Originating in Nottingham, this trip hop trio began at university playing some low-key gigs. Their debut album,  If You Wait was released in September this year. They currently have just under 38,500 followers on twitter and their song Strong has over 2.3 million views on YouTube. 
If you like: Florence and the Machine (vocally), The XX and James Blake you'll love London Grammar
Listen to: Wasting my younger years, Strong and Metal & Dust are just a few of my favourites

What do you think of London Grammar? If you have any music reviews and if you have any suggestions for next times' Have You Heard please comment below! 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Baby, you're a firework!

Just like Katy Perry, I also have a great fondness for fireworks. Tomorrow is Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night.  I attempted to go see some fireworks in Portsmouth on Friday but utterly failed because it was pouring down with rain, we were stuck in some crowd behind buildings and only heard got to hear them. This post was going to be full of spectacular photographs that I managed to take... such a fail.

I've taken this opportunity to make a little wishlist of my favourite sparkling bits on the high street. Fireworks are pretty sparkly so this makes sense right? 

What do you think of this glitzy accessories? Please send over your links and feedback - always lovely to hear from you!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Miss Selfridge Loving - Night Out

The festive party season is coming up so for many there will be office parties, family get-togethers & an excuse to go out with your closest friends. So this is the first of a few high street outfit ideas when it comes to this season's nights out. I thought I'd start with a simple classic: The LBD... 

1. Petites Velvet Bobycon Dress - The texture and pattern of this dress makes it that little bit more than 'just a little black dress'. It's incredibly sophisticated and elegant and the best LBD I've seen this season (so far) - feel free to prove me wrong!
2. Silver Bow Midi Rings - I don't own any midi rings but these ones are so cute.
3. Embellished Oval Clutch - I got this clutch as a birthday present for a friend and I love it. The snowflake pattern cries out CHRISTMAS! I'll definitely be using it for most of the events I'm attending. 
4. Inspired by Crescent Necklace - This dress needs a bit of sparkle and that comes in the form of this chandelier-style necklace. It's so sparkly!!
5. Sindy Nude Bow Back Court Shoes- These are my favourite shoes in Miss Selfridges's collection. They are simple but effective. The little bow detail at the back makes them perfect for me. I wouldn't be seen wearing heels this high if dancing is involved though...

What do you think of the outfit I've put together? If you have any night out posts or wishlists please send over your links!