Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A/W Fashionable Week 2013 - Day 2

I metaphorically got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. I'll spare you the whole 'stress/uni/everything going wrong' rant because this week is all about fashion and I know I'm being overly dramatic. The show must go on! I strongly advised myself to stay away from human interaction today. Someone could say the most neutral of comments and it'll bring me to tears. On that note, I am having a comfy duvet day consisting of tv, films, blogging and sleeping. Hopefully this relaxation day will help me be productive the rest of the week. 

Day 2

Care Bear Pjs: Primark  /  Slipper Socks: New Look  /  Face Mask: Wilkinsons

I'm a student and comfy lounge wear is mandatory. As soon as I saw this pyjama set, I knew I had to have them! Not only are they adorable, they are seriously comfy. The leggings and the top came to £12 (I think). It was also love at first sight with the fluffy knitted socks. This outfit is the perfect duvet day combination. I treated myself so an 'anti-stress' face mask and I must admit I'm feeling a lot better. Now I'm tucked up in bed, about to watch series 2 of Greek with some chocolate to keep me company. Almost forgotten what all the fuss was about earlier...

I hope you're having a lovely positive day and if not, please take my advice (my boyfriends advice) and do something that'll relax you and make you forgot your troubles. 

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