Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A/W Fashionable Week 2013 - Day 3

After my little episode yesterday, I went out  for a much needed drink with my course friends at the union. We ended up having such a great night, went to one of the clubs and lets just say, I've not really left bed today! I might be hungover but I'm a very happy and lucky girlie. 

Day 3 

Fur Coat: ASOS  /  Playsuit: Primark  /  Tights: Primark  /  Shoes: New Look  /  Necklace: Charity Shop

Since I haven't really moved from bed, this OOTD is inspired by my night out. Apologises for the lack of make-up, I'm impressed I managed to even get out of bed and sort this out! I love this coat - it was a Christmas present from Tom last year and it's the comfiest warmest coat ever. This LBP (little black playsuit) is perfect for day and night. It fits so well and I wish it was in a variety of colours so I could wear them all the time!

How has your day been? I hope you're managed to be more productive than me!

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