Friday, 29 November 2013

Novelty Stocking Fillers Under £10

Today I wanted to share some of the novelty gifts that are around. I'm going to do a Christmas jumper post very soon so didn't bother including any here. 

1. Christmas Reindeer Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters - £6 You could ask why you'd need sunglasses in the winter... But that would ruin the fact that these sunglasses are awesome. I guess if you were on a skiiing holiday and everything was covered in snow and the sun reflecting from it was insanely bright, then they would make more sense. Or this present is for that friend you have that thinks it's cool to wear sunglasses indoors / for any occasion, "It's Christmas, better find my sunnies!"

2. Snowman Mittens from ASOS - £10 In case you haven't noticed and spend way too much time inside, it's getting pretty chilling outside now. I have been wearing my mittens, woolly hat and scarf quite a bit. I love these mittens - The snowman's eyes are made from buttons. Pure Genius! It's a present that'd make you smile every time you looked at your hands. 

3. White and Red Gingerbread Man Travel Cup from New Look - £5.99 With this travel cup, my life would be complete. I fell in love with the cutie gingerbread men. It's a great present for anyone who has a bit of commuting. I need this so I could fill it with hot chocolate and drink it on my walk into uni and it'll also keep my hands warm! Practical & Adorable. 

4. Christmas Cupcake Decorator Set from New Look - £6.99 I was sold on this gift when I saw two of my favourite words together, "Christmas" and "Cupcake"! The cases are so cute and I love the decorations to put on top! Perfect gift for any budding cake decorator/eater. 

5. Mini Party Hats from Accessorize - £7 These definitely beat the usual Christmas cracker hats! Sorry the image is so blurry - I had a bit of trouble with the Accessorize website. I thought these mini party hats would be a great for a dinner party or even Christmas dinner with the family. 

What do you think of my novelty picks? Send over your lovely links and comments down below - would love to hear from you. Sunday is the last of my Christmas present posts but never fear- there are many crimbo themed posts coming up!


Rachel said...

Those snowman gloves are adorable!

Kayleigh Parker said...

I love the bobble hat it's wearing! too cute. Thanks for reading :) x

Michelle Tan said...

Oh my god the gingerbread man cup is the cutest! Ever since Shrek, I love gingerbread everything HAHA.

Now following you on GFC and Bloglovin'! Follow me back maybe? x

andy said...

cute items :)