Saturday, 16 November 2013

Today I Love # 7

Countryside - I love going on walks this time of year. Sadly at uni in Portsmouth there isn't the countryside I'm used to at home. I can't wait to get back home and go on dog walks over the fields. The many autumnal colours make the landscape so picturesque so expect many a photo when I'm back in Essex. 

Christmas Adverts - When it's truly acceptable to start counting down to Christmas. Everyone has a different way of celebrating the beginning of the festivities - turning on the christmas lights, advent calendar or for me Adverts. They started last weekend and during X Factor the John Lewis advert came on and brought a little tear of happiness to everyone's' eyes (If it didn't, I'm sorry but TV can get me very emotional...). 

Scented Candles - I might do a post on them soon but I'm currently using an Apple & Spice one from Asda. It makes my uni really homely and relaxing.There are so many Christmas scents I want to try out so please send over your recommendations. There is something really therapeutic about candle light and with the nights starting by 5pm I can't help but stop working and snuggle up in bed surrounded by candles and fairy lights. 

I'm a Celebrity - Its starting!! I'm not normally a fan of Sunday nights but I really am this week. I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here is back this weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing some soap stars, reality TV stars, Sport stars, Carlton Banks and other celeb-types rocking up in the Jungle and facing a trial or two. Not too sure who I want to win yet but I'll keep you posted via Twitter. 

Blogging - I know this one might seen a little obvious but recently my love for blogging has come back to life. I had a little blank spot at the beginning of this month - no thanks for uni deadlines! It's safe to say I'm back with plenty of inspiration. My A/W Fashionable Week is starting Monday and from the 25th expect lots of christmas related posts! I'm almost up to 100 subscribed readers through GFC & Bloglovin so thank you so much you wonderful people!! As you might have noticed, I've had a little re-design and it now feels much more me. Let me know what you think & link me up to your lovely blogs. 

What are you loving today? Send over your lovely links and please subscribe if you're loving my blog makeover!


BeautyDrugs11 said...


Lovely Blog :)

Enjoyed reading the Posts.

Following you. I hope you follow back and return the support too :D


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Kayleigh Parker said...

You're my 100th lovely reader!! :D Thanks for commenting xx

Charlotte said...

I love christmas adverts too, but only the really special ones, like the John Lewis one. It's just so beautiful! Scented candles are a MUST for me, my favourite is the Yankee candles in Salted Caramel (in the summer i like "summer scoop" too!)


Kayleigh Parker said...

I'll have to go buy the Salted Caramel one - sounds like something I'd love! Thanks for reading xx