Saturday, 21 December 2013


This is a little soppy, emotional post based on the number 100. Earlier this week this blog reached 100 readers from bloglovin. It doesn't seem that long ago there were 8 readers who I was shocked about taking the time to subscribe to my humble blog. Alongside that amazing achievement, this is my 100th post. With this in mind I wanted to share a few of the most popular posts I've written as well as a few personal favourites. It's perfect timing really - with this coinciding with the end of the year it's also a post for blogging highlights of the year!

Most Popular 

My Favourites

Most importantly I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for reading! Having people actually read and take the time to comment and subscribe is beyond anything I expected when starting this blog. I started through my love of writing and desire to be apart of the blogging community - both of which are still reasons I carry on. I now have another reason - to interact with you and write things that you lovely readers will find interesting, useful, funny and enjoyable! 

So yes - mahoosive Thank You!!! It's the perfect Christmas present (oh you shouldn't have). As usual, please leave your links with your comments below and have a fabulous weekend <3


Visa said...

congrats on both and best wishes on whats to come with your blog :)

Awesomely Over-Zealous said...

Congratulations Kayspray and hope your blog continues to be fruitful and prosperous! -Iva

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thank you! That means so much to me :) xxx

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thanks - got lots of great plans for the new year :) x

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thank you Iva, I really hope it does too xx