Monday, 23 December 2013

Beauty Products 2013

One thing that has increased significantly over the past year is my love for beauty products. Getting into blogging was a terrible shock to my bank account!! I've learnt a great amount through youtubers and of course the lovely beauty bloggers. I have also found products I would never have bothered to try and been given great advice through the medium of twitter.With this in mind, I wanted to share my favourite bits and bobs with you that I have been very much in love with this year. 

I was thinking of having an item for each category (mascara, eye liner, foundation etc), but some of those things aren't worth raving about. Instead I've chosen the items I'd recommend to use and have been lovely used the majority of the time. 

Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara I am very fussy with mascara but I actually like this one. At first I thought it was quite clumpy but now I'm used to applying it, it's great.
Witch Blemish Stick - I have used this product for years and it's great when you feel the beginnings of a spot. I use it just before bed so it has time to work through the night.
Nivea Daily Essentials light moisturising day cream This time of year I need a decent moisturiser and this one helps hydrate my face without making it shiny and oily. I'm such a rebel because I sometimes use it as a night cream too - don't tell anyone...
Johnson's face care refreshing wipes These wipes are really gentle and make taking eye make up off a lot easier.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Decent coverage, brilliant price. It's hard to go wrong with this product. I use it every day that I wear make up. It's great after a night out if you're attempting to go to a 9am lecture - the bags under my eyes are very well hidden thanks to this concealer.
Real Techniques essential crease brush This brush is exclusive to the Sam's Picks collection that I bought in November. It's the perfect tool for creating a sultry smoky eye look. Review Here
MUA mosaic bronzer - sunkissed glow I love this bronzer as an actual bronzer as well as using the individual colours as eye shadows. Remember, not everything wants to be used for its primary purpose. Let's mix is up a bit and use lipstick on our cheeks... too far?
Real Techniques buffing brush My favourite of all my brushes. Used with foundation, concealer, liquids and powders. Such a versatile brush you can't help but want to give it a home. Review Here
MUA undressed palette I've raved about this product almost non-stop to family, friends and of course you lovely lot. Review Here
Tangle Teezer I have always had ridiculously knotty hair -ask my hairdresser! It takes a lot of time, strength and patience to keep my hair a bit less knotty. This is where the Tangle Teezer comes in and makes the job a little bit easier.
MUA blusher in Candyfloss The only blush I own and it's a good'un. I love the colour and it has really decent build-able coverage.
Real Techniques multi task brush If you can't tell, Real Techniques brushes are the best I own and I truly adore them. I use this one for blusher, bronzer and sometimes powder foundations. It's so smooth on my skin I won't mind admitting that sometimes I use it just to feel like soft bristles against my skin.  Review Here
Rimmel stay matte powder Best powder ever. Been using it for years and I wouldn't even think to try any other ones. Why fix something if it's not broken? 

Those are the beauty bits that have made my year more... beautiful? What have you loved this year? Please put your lush links and comments below - I love reading them! 


Hanna Rose said...

You have chosen some great staple beauty products here as your faves! I have tried and love most of these too but can you believe i am yet to try any of the real techniques brushes though! xx

Kayleigh Parker said...

I definitely recommend those brushes! What ones do you use? x

Hanna Rose said...

I mostly use some from beauty boxes and have a few Avon and elf ones too. xx

Kayleigh Parker said...

Heard quite a few good things about elf products. Really want to try their black cream eyeliner! xx