Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

The build-up to this day is immense and now it has finally arrived! Wishing all your lovely readers a very wonderful Christmas - be merry and jolly and all those other words associated with this time of year. Surely you could be those things in June but sure whatever. Is it just me that connects those words with being drunk? T'is the season...  

Lets remember that the true meaning of the holidays is not about giving and receiving gifts. Apparently it's not even about the food even though it really is. The true meaning of Christmas is love - like most holidays are. You don't have to show someone you love them through expensive gifts. It's about having the chance to tell them how you feel. I don't tell my family enough how much I love them so it's fortunate these holidays bring us all together. After all, T'is the season!

Of course there is the very much religious meaning to Christmas, the reason it exists in the first place. Even the religious part reinstates this message of peace of earth and love thy neighbour - so that really is the key theme for this festive season. Very heart warming (quite vital considering how cold it can be this time of year). It also teaches you to make sure you have a room spare in case some pregnant woman and her partner come along on a donkey without a reservation. I mean who just turns up without a text warning! Mind you it is a pain to get a room the night before Christmas... (I'll attempt to stop being silly now!)

So here I am, sending my love to all of you! Thank you for reading my humble little blog. Enjoy a very magical day with your loved ones and eat loads of yummy foods. T'is the season <3 

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