Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

I saw this tag on Cally's Blog and had to share it with you lovely lot. It's not officially Christmas until you've answered these festive questions! 

1) Do you prefer a real or synthetic tree?
I love the idea of having a real tree - you cannot beat the smell but they are so much more effort to look after. No one wants to see pine needles covering the floor. A few years back my family bought a really lovely synthetic one, it looks lovely and symmetrical and it's easy to put up! 

2) You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
Honeycomb hot chocolate, please! Ooh with a gingerbread man on the side - mmm. 

3) What's your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
Classic red & gold - so warm, inviting and incredibly luxurious!

4) Getting presents or receiving them?
I love the idea of getting people presents. It's great when you know you've got something they will really love and I'm a sucker for lovely wrapping paper. However I get seriously stressed at shopping for other people. I really over think things and make it a much bigger deal than it should be. Yes it is the thought that counts but I'm too much of a perfectionist. I think I prefer receiving presents because I know I am easy to buy for and its amazing how people see things and think, "Kayleigh would love that!" - they are probably right! 

5) Mince pies?
No thank you.. During the festive season I'll probably nibble on two or three mince pies and kind of enjoy them. If I had to chose between a mince pie and a chocolate pud, chocolate will win every time. 

6) What's your traditional Christmas lunch?
I have THE traditional Christmas meal - Roast Turkey with all the trimmings, especially those pigs in blankets! Whenever I have a roast, I get full half way through because I literally stuff it into my face faster than Father Christmas can say Merry Christmas! 

7) Christmas day fashion
Morning in nice festive pjs and fluffy slippers/socks depending if I get any comfy presents and before food is ready I'll put on a nice dress and tights or something Christmassy! 

8) What's your favourite Christmas song?
Last Christmas by Wham is constantly in my head or All I Want For Christmas Is You by good ol' Mariah. 

9) What's your favourite Christmas film?
Without hestitation: Elf! It's hilarious and with of Christmas spirit. Will Ferrell is a comedy genius in my books! I also have muchos love for Love Actually and The Nativity - I'm going to put on The Nativity now! 

10) Open presents before or after lunch?
Is that even a real question? Seriously - who wrote this!? I get woken up extremely early by little James or my own love for presents and as the sun rises (if not before) we are all open the living room door together to see if Father Christmas decided to visit. More often than not (always), we find stacks of presents waiting to be opened. Whoever has the will-power to wait until 2pm or later cannot be human. 

If you have done this awesome tag please send your links this way. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, and doing this tag. <3


Emerald Dove said...

Love this post! I just did this tag as well and our answers are almost identical! :)

Kayleigh Parker said...

I'll go check it out now! I got so Christmassy while writing this post! :) xx