Tuesday, 21 January 2014


It's that time of year when people start to book their summer holidays. If they aren't booking holidays they are certainly dreaming about it. I would love to just pack a bag and head off on an adventure right now but university deadlines are looming and money isn't exactly pouring out of my pockets.

This photo is from my amazing fortnight in Fuerteventura with Tom last summer. In some ways it doesn't seem like many moments have past since but in other ways, it's like a lifetime ago. Sadly I can't see us affording a luxury holiday this year. We need to buckle down with uni work and earning money for our final year. Hopefully we can go on a few weekend retreats and many road trips around the UK. If the weather is anything like last year, we will have plenty of time to relax in the sun!

So today's #AskTwitter post is obviously to do with holidays and travel. Here are some of the answers I recieved when I asked you lovely tweeties: 
Where do you want to jet off to this year? 

I must agree with all these tweets. I'd either love a sunny beach holiday or an exploring city kind. You still have time to get involved in this post! Just comment below where you're going this year or where you'd love to go in the near future. Thank you everyone who is involved <3

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