Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January Haul

I haven't a clue how I've managed it but this is being posted on Tuesday evening! I've been having problems with my iCloud and all sorts to I didn't think I'd get the photos onto my laptop till the weekend. Fortunately I have found the time and motivation to get this done on time. I don't know about you but I love haul posts. I love writing and taking photos for them as well as reading and commenting on other peoples. 

I have been a bit naughty and done some unnecessary much loved shopping. Fortunately I am usually very good with money and even in this case, I have only bought true bargains or items I couldn't imagine leaving behind. I was going to do a little fashion show with photographs of me wearing the clothes. However I've been extremely busy and when I'm free in the evenings the lighting in my room is terrible for photos!

Both: Primark  /  Both: £6
I bought these collared tops on different occasions. Sorry they have not been ironed but I guess that shows I wear them very often. They are the perfect tops for every season and occasion. Recently I've been wearing them under jumpers but I can't wait to wear them under casual cotton blazers this spring/summer! 

All: Primark  /  Jeans: £8  /  Pjs: £5  /  Dress: £5
I love going into Primark and coming out with quite a few items and spending less than £20. All of these items were bought on different trips. I really shouldn't pop in there so much but it's so hard to resist. I saw these skinny jeans and instantly wanted it to be spring. They fit well and really are supersoft! I spotted the Bambi Pjs when I wasn't even looking for nightwear. I wouldn't have bothered if they didn't have Bambi on them. So adorable!! I picked up this dress on Saturday and thought I'd probably take it back in a few days. These dresses don't usually sit well on my frame but for £5 it was worth a try. I'm currently wearing it and it's a perfect fit. I was very surprised and will be going back to Primark on the hunt for this dress in different colours!

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins £14  /  Necklace: Primark £4
On Saturday I was casually walking about the shops in portsmouth and this jumper was stylishly placed on a mannequin. After having a good feel on the material, I had to snap it up! The lady at the till told me it was £14 which was a pleasant surprise because it was priced at £20. Happy days! I'm currently wearing the Primark necklace. I can't get enough of statement necklaces at the moment - they really make a plain outfit something a bit special!

Coat: Miss Selfridge 
This is my pride and joy, the greatest bargain I have ever found... My smart coat is about 8 years old and barely fits me any more. Although it's been on my list, I've not found the perfect coat - until now! This coat was priced at £85 to begin with. Fortunately it was in the sale for £45. Even more fortunately there was a 20% student discount offer on at the time so this beauty only cost me £36!!! I love the pattern, the soft material and the fact you can detach the fur collar if you wanted. It's perfect in my eyes!

That is the end of my January Haul post. Please don't expect this post every month - I'm now trying to cut down on my less vital purchases. Please link your blogs in the comment box below and let me know what you think of my finds. <3


Kallie said...

Cute! Love all the pastels!

Kayleigh Parker said...

I'm really getting into the spring spirit already. Way too early considering we are probably going to get snow in March this year! I can dream though :P xx