Saturday, 18 January 2014

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Review

A few weeks ago I treated myself to one of Revlon's kissable balm stains. I'm not normally one for lip products. You'll find an assortment of Vaseline and other lip balms in my bag. Plus Tom really isn't a fan of them - I even have to wipe off a moisturising lip balm before kissing him! 

Left: Honey  /  Right: Rendezvous

However when seeing this in Superdrug, it was something I had to try. For £7.99, which I used from a gift card, it would have been rude to say no. I loved the idea of a lip stain - it would stay on all day, not smudge or feel sticky or heavy. It sounded perfect. I bought the product in Honey as it looks like a very subtle colour and there was a greater chance I'd wear it compared to a bright pink or deep red. 

So what did I think of this product? At first there is a nice shine and moisturising factor to the balm stain. As the shine wears off it's a nice matte colour that lasts ages. I mean it's insane how long this product lasts. After a house party, where I'd been eating and drinking pretty much constantly for 7 hours, you'd have thought I'd have re-applied it several times but no it was just brilliant. I woke up the next morning and you could still see it! The first time I used it my lips felt a bit dry with the product on after a while. I once put some Vaseline on top and once I'd got used to the product I didn't even notice I had it on. 

I loved it so much I went back and got it in another colour! I prefer the subtle shades as I often like to draw attention to my eyes. It's like a bit of a rule to either focus on eyes or mouth when achieving a decent make-up look right? So I chose Rendezvous because the coral colour really appealed to the spring/summer girl in me who is waiting to come back out.

I apologise for the photos, I've been struggling with the lighting in my uni room and the photos were taken at different times on different days.. Anyway enough of my excuses - I hope you can see the colours! Have you tried this product or any other lip stains? Don't forget to send your links with your comments below <3 

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