Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Student Link Up #2

It's the second week of this link-up and I was really overwhelmed with the attention it received! Thank you to the people who took the time to get involved.

Post of the Week
Every week I will feature a post from last week that I particularly enjoyed and wanted to share with you.
This week's featured student blogger is Charley from Ramblings of a Beauty Blogger. Her post fitted perfectly with the student blogging community that is finally being created! Charley has started up a student blogger chat on Twitter under the hashtag #sbloggers. It is starting this Friday (17th Jan) at 8pm GMT. I will definitely be getting involved as often as possible to find more student bloggers and have some great discussions. 

The Student Link-Up

This Student Link Up is for student bloggers to share their posts about: uni experiences, student living, food, fashion, bargains, beauty bits, fancy dress ideas and all sorts. I personally thought this would be a great opportunity to discover lots of great blogs and hopefully get to know a couple of lovely student bloggers! 

Each Thursday at 09:00 GTM the link-up will become live and highlight a post or two from last week's link-up. The link-up will close on the Sunday evening. 

1. Please do not promote other link-ups or giveaways through this party
2. Have a look around the other blogs that are linked up and let them know you've visited from The Student Link-Up 
3. It would be great if you included the party button on your blog and/or on the post you plan on linking up.
4. Don't forget to tweet about the awesome blogs you find and send people over to this link-up. The more people involved the more traffic your blog will get! #StudentLinkUp

Please spread the word about this link-up and comment on your fellow student bloggers posts!


Katie Parker said...

This is such a great idea Kayleigh, I've only just started blogging and been desperatly searching for student bloggers! I'll get brainstorming for my Link-Up :)

Caitlin Kobrak said...

I just found out about this today & I think it is fantastic! Excited to become a part of it!

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thanks for being a part of this new venture! Never stress about what to post - any of your posts, that you've recently done and want more recognition for it, will be great for this link-up. x

Kayleigh Parker said...

So pleased you like it! Hopefully we can get quite a few people involved and make it a real student community :) x

Caitlin Kobrak said...

I am passing it on to my friends who write blogs, so fingers crossed!