Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Student Link-Up #3

I don't know about you #sbloggers but since coming back to uni this year, I've not stopped. I have a cluster of deadlines for the end of February so planning on getting a few bits out of the way sooner than rather than later. I hope you are all coping with the work load and taking time to have fun too!

Post of the Week
On the topic of heavy workloads, the post being highlighted from last week's link up looks at ways to tackle procrastination. Caitlin from IDS linked up her post, 'How to Beat Procrastination'. It's something I'm pretty sure every human-being has to deal with at some point in their lives. I chose this post because I really agree with all her advice. It's so easy to let procrastination get to you but by being organised, comfortable and realistic, you really can have a much more productive study session! 

The Student Link-Up

This Student Link Up is for student bloggers to share their posts about: uni experiences, student living, food, fashion, bargains, beauty bits, fancy dress ideas and all sorts. I personally thought this would be a great opportunity to discover lots of great blogs and hopefully get to know a couple of lovely student bloggers! 

Each Thursday at 09:00 GTM the link-up will become live and highlight a post or two from last week's link-up. The link-up will close on the Sunday evening. 

1. Please do not promote other link-ups or giveaways through this party
2. Have a look around the other blogs that are linked up and let them know you've visited from The Student Link-Up 
3. It would be great if you included the party button on your blog and/or on the post you plan on linking up.
4. Don't forget to tweet about the awesome blogs you find and send people over to this link-up. The more people involved the more traffic your blog will get! #StudentLinkUp

Thank you for getting involved and don't forget to spread the word about this link-up to our fellow student bloggers.

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Caitlin Kobrak said...

Thanks for the featuring me as the post of the week! :) I'm glad you liked the topic!