Sunday, 12 January 2014

Turn your Uni House into a Uni Home

It is the people that make a house a home but at university sometimes you need a bit more than that. For most of us university is the first time we have our own home away from family. Student houses are these hollow shells with little personality. I for one think that is a good thing. It means it's your chance to make the house into the home you want it to be. I have come up with a items to hopefully inspire you to be creative with your new home. 

1. Pluto Birdcage Chimes Tealight Holder from John Lewis - £9.50 After a long day at the library, you need to relax and chilling by candle light is one of my favourite ways to unwind. This tealight holder is simply adorable! The heat of the candle makes the bird cages rotate - now that's something to make your room feel special and of course homely. 

2. ASDA Knitted Heart Cushion - £9 A cushion or two can make your university bed into a comfy haven. I love this plain kitted one because it'll go with lots of different bedding. Throughout my years at uni, my personality has shown most through the pattern of my bedding. With the rooms always being so beige (oh my god you're soooo beige), I always went for the brightest and deepest coloured covers. 

3. KitVision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame from Amazon - £23.99 Not many student houses allow things to be stuck to walls. Last year I had a wall full of photos of friends from home, family and fresher memories. If you aren't able to create a mahoosive collage of selfies and incriminating snaps of your friends, then this is the next best thing. A digital photo frame allows you to have hundreds of photos stored up and displayed throughout the day. It fits perfectly on your desk or bedside table so you have constant reminders of happy times while you sit there revising and wishing your assessments would just do themselves already. 

4. Meerkat Mug from Find Me A Gift - £5.99 It's  'too-early' o'clock and you need a nice hot drink to help wake and warm you up in your cold student accommodation. I'm sure any mug could do this task but surely a novelty mug, that reminds you of a happy memory or is just too cute to not smile at, would be a much funner option. 

5. PacMan Magnets from Find Me A Gift- £4.99 Is looking at a plain fridge almost as depressing as looking at an empty one? The answer is yes. At my uni house we have a white board magnetically attached to our fridge so we can leave abusive messages and rude drawings for the rest of the house to be amused by. Then I found these magnets and oh my, I really want them. Give your fridge a total makeover with some novelty magnets and don't forget to restock your fridge every once in a while - then you have a reason to open your stylish fridge. 

What do you think of my suggestions? If you have any others please comment below with links to your lovely blogs :)


lorna said...

The mug is cute! x

Kayleigh Parker said...

I was tempted not to put it on here in case I get one for my boyfriend soon - but had to share its cuteness!! xx