Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Today I Love # 9

I cannot believe I haven't done one of these posts since Christmas!! It's been too long and it's about time I let you know the things that I've been loving recently. Tweet @Kayspray with the things you love today! 

Modern Family  - If you haven't wanted this ABC comedy, I highly recommend you to once you've read this post. I watched the first few series a while back and recently rekindled my love for this simply hilarious American program. It is so well filmed and whoever thought of it is a true genius!

Baking - If you haven't already noticed, I have really been getting into baking this year. You can see my first baking post here. I've even got a cupboard dedication to all my mixing bowls, scales, cake tins and ingredients. I think it's such a nice hobby to have and something fun to do when you're having a night in with some friends. I hope you like my baking posts because there will be a few coming up soon!

Sweeties - I've always had a bit of a sweet tooth but recently these cravings have gone to a whole new level. Maybe that explains to baking... The photo above is of a waffle covered in nutella, thin slices of banana, crushed oreos and chocolate sauce with a side of ice cream. It was from a newly opened ice cream palour in Portsmouth called Scoops. From its opening it's been increasingly popular and you can see why. The portions are massive so I'm pretty sure you're supposed to share. Well I didn't get this memo and attempted that 'man vs food'-worthy waffle. I ate less than a half... I thought that would have ended my craving for sweetness but I've gone on to eat a chocolate bar or two since! 

Bastille - I've had their song Flaws in my head quite a bit recently. I love this live version from Abbey Road. What do you think?

Little Glitter - Tasmin, a fellow essex blogger, has one of my favourite blogs. She does a mix of posts which means there is always something a bit different to read. She includes some seriously adorable photographs of her dog, Max in her lifestyle posts and also writes great beauty reviews and wishlists. Not only that she has a beautiful singing voice and has her own youtube channel! So please go check out her blog and channel and send her some love :)

So my dear readers, what have you been loving recently? Please send your blog links with your comments below and thank you for reading <3

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