Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Topshop Wishlist

I accidentally found myself in Topshop the other day and for the first time in ages I found a million and one things I really wanted to buy. I have resisted for now but I can almost guarantee that I will own one of these items by the end of the week. After handing in three essays today, I deserve a treat right? I am very much in a spring frame of mind as a few of my recent posts might have given away. 

KATCH Slip On Trainers - Nothing says spring like some white trainers. I lived in my Primark white plimsoles last year. I think they give go with the outfit's bright and fresh vibe. 
MOTO Mid Stone Joni Jeans - I tried on these jeans the other day and would have bought them if I had someone encouraging me. I'm not sure they fit my frame well so will be trying them on again in a few days and dragging Tom along to be like stylist. 
Knitted Lace Hem Crop Jumper  - I only went into Topshop to try on some jeans and on the way to the dressing room this knit caught my eye. I love the colour, shape and lace detail. It fits really well so I'm struggling to find a reason not to buy it. Well I guess it's a bit pricey so praying Primark have a dupe!
Mint Turnlock Satchel - I haven't been that bothered about the satchel trend over the years - until now. The mint colour is simply gorgeous and I need it in my life. I don't really need another bag but I definitely want this one. 
Wire Flower Stud Earrings - Keeping with the spring theme - how cute are these earrings? They are only a fiver so once again I'm a bit tempted...
Nails in Forsaken - I don't own any pastel coloured nail varnishes and while searching around, I've become fond of lilac tones. I think it goes with this ensemble pretty well. 

I wish it was my birthday so I could ask for all these items as presents. I guess I have to think of some of these items as investments that are worth spending some money on! What's on your topshop wishlist at the moment? Let me know what you think of this outfit and leave your links with the comments below! <3


Rebekah Fenwick said...

The jeans and the top would be such a pretty combination, they are a must have going into Spring/Summer!

Rupsha B said...

Love the wishlist, great picks. :)
Love your blog.
I would love to be in touch with you(whether it's via GFC, Twitter or IG, let me know. :))
Followed you on Twitter btw.
Glitter And Blush

Kayleigh Parker said...

Just bought the jeans and on the hunt for lots of lovely pastel cropped tops and jumpers to go with them! x

Kayleigh Parker said...

Thanks Rupsha! I'll find you on Twitter so we can keep in touch xx